DragonQuest (Temporary title)


Hi! My name is John Seventine and i’m doing a short full 3D movie in my spare time. I just have finished to write the complete story and now i’m trying to build a cool 2D visual development team. I need a color script, some storylighting arts and creatures development.

Some examples of visual developments, by Erwin Madrid on Megamind.

Actually, some talented people have already joined me and they are working hard to make this project looks interesting and powerful.

At the same time i’m doing some visual developments by myself.

Environment Concept

“The Bed of Death”

A skin test.

If by any chance you are professionnel and interested you’re welcome to join us by sending me a message by PM or directly in my mailbox: johnseventine[at]Yahoo.fr

Thank you for reading.


please check your inbox


Hi John,

This may be early in the process, but may be I could help you out…
I’m a music composer
You can hear what I do here, and on my portfolio, though i’ve not updated it since a while :blush:

And here : an animation short film on wich I’ve recently worked, with my audio-team :

Aux gambettes gourmandes
Nb : I’ll PM you the password because i have no right to boadcast it.

Futhermore : I’m one of the co-founder of an audio post production company… Audioplumstudio
So everything concerning recording/sound design/mix/master/dubbing… could easily be done (we offer to talented young directors partnerships for their projects/ I’m in charge of this).

furthermore : I’m french!
So :beer:

A bientôt peut-être…

PS : check you PM box.



I’d just want to give the link of a piece I’ve done recently, for a music video game contest :


Considering that your project is a tribute to “Dragon quest” … orchestral music should be welcome, I suppose. (and this is what I’m specialised in)

Nb : I’ve composed this track in an irish-orchestral style… using bagpipe on “special guest”!

Thanks for reading.


Thanks a lot guys for your interest! I’m finishing the storyboard and i’ll jump to the previs2d to be confronted to the timeline.

Vinmuz i’ll keep proudly your request in my favorite ones but honestly i’m aiming for a real orchestra studio. Music will be 50% of the movie. Or somebody who have instruments skill to create original and unique sounds. :wip: :banghead: :arteest: So as it’s an early stage, i prefer to wait and see how this side of the production may evolve.

Cheers, John 17.



Music will be 50% of the movie

I totally agree with you.

honestly i’m aiming for a real orchestra studio

Actually, “to see”, as often as possible, his work (dedicated to pictures) recorded in those conditions, for interesting projects, is a wish of every orchestral music composer (budget!?)…

Thanks for your consideration.

Wish you all the best :thumbsup:


Update of the pipeline statut (every Monday in the first post, highly inspired by the french project “Meet Méline”)

I’m still looking for a cool creature designer 2D or 3D as much as you can, there is one last evil creature which needs to be designed(a total of 3).


The project looks like an interesting endeavor, I shot you a message as well.


Iwould like to makethis project.

Case Study
Whichsubjectdoyou wantme to helpyou?Program can use
Vue xstream
If you accept me inyour project,I’dappreciate it.
Thank you
Antalya / TURKEY


If you still need an animator I can provide my assistance. Im currently using autodesk maya for animation and also I am looking for work to update my portfolio.

If interested contact me- rifyork@gmail.com



I don’t know if you’re looking for modelers, but anyway I can offer my assistance. Therefore if you’re interested in 3dsmax modeler you can contact me - wojciechmazan@gmail.com



by accident I double the message


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