Dragon fight, Andree Wallin (2D)


Title: Dragon fight
Name: Andree Wallin
Country: United Kingdom
Software: Photoshop

Hello guys,

I got a request to paint something on the theme ‘dragon vs. modern soldier’ which sounded interesting to me, so I decided to give it a try and also try. My goal was to make it as cinematic as possible, Michael Bay style; warm colors, film grain and so on. Really tried to capture the feeling of action, a lot harder than expected but a fun little piece to do!

Hope you like it!



Wow! Great stuff!


One more great job from the lord of shading.



I like it !!! :applause: very nice !!!


Andree, man, incredible!


Reminds me of Marek Okon’s work a lot. Which is a good thing :slight_smile:

I think you should make the foreground a bit brighter though, it’s too much of a big black blob now.


That’s sick


Thanks guys!!

Hetacomb: Yes, actually it’s supposed to be a bit brighter, dunno what happened when I cropped the file for the CG upload. This is the original:


absolut perfect combination cool art and pic :bowdown::thumbsup::applause:


Andree, another masterpiece! You achieved the cinematic feel spot on. Composition is brilliant. The colours are awesome (reminds me of Matthias Verhasselt). The movement of the beast really complements the whole image. Man, I don’t know what to say more. You’re a true inspiration.




Nice one. I like it.


Made this my desktop background this morning and can’t stop looking at it! Super awesome pic! The dragon alone has such great detail, depth, and colors. Sweet!


Love the action in this painting mate. great work



Very inspiring Andree)

actually you are one of my favourite artists around the world!)
really love your works!


Andree, very believable, and this is all Photoshop? Did you render out the Dragon in 3D first or is this all painting? The use of colors and contrast is spot on. :slight_smile:


almost film like… very cool. great composition and technically perfect !

top work


Man, this is mind blowing :argh:
CGaward for this piece of art !!!


Very very impressive! The dragon and everything else in the scene looks really good. :thumbsup:


just emailed the link to this thread to myself with the subject line “inspiration”.

not a big michael bay fan but i’d pay to see this movie. as long as it wasn’t filmed with shaky-cam. :wink: