She is about half year textured but i just don’t have enough time for this project. I’ll send old preview test in 30minutes.


Just old test of textures (without eyebrows she looks strange):


Great idea of Nightbeat to put you in mind of this thread - and nice to see you’re working on the project. :slight_smile:
Looking forward to see this getting one of the very best masterpieces in 3D :thumbsup:


Good to see an update here.
Also been looking forward for this thread to be resurrected.


looks nice and very sexi:)


is that skinshader also in maxwell? looks really good. Making a nice skinshader in maxwell can be a real pain in the *** :smiley:


Looks great, nice to hear you haven’t let the project go :slight_smile:


Glad you’re still with this! Test render looks great - eyebrows or no eyebrows:)



Just discovered this thread! Truly extraordinary work here. :thumbsup:

Do keep us updated on your progress.



My comment will be quite short and simple

You really know what you are doing! It does have very high level of skills in various disciplines. Well done!


Thank you all :love:

Yes Maxwell skin shader is very difficult. It depens a lot on the illumination.


Great model, very well sculpted, and amzing details. Bravo!


Great work, only complaint I have is that her right palm looks bit chubby and has more mass than left palm.


have any words else :eek:


looks Great!

I like the progress you did with the anatomy on the model…

But i want to point to two areas:
the upper chest area, for muscular female that area should have some definition and blend into the bust.
The shoulders are a bit too round, i would make the shoulder muscle longer a bit

here is what mean:


hi, thanks for comments but i didn’t want body-builder female but only little mascular women. Women with enough physical fat to be beautiful. Not like mummy :smiley:


O__O How have i missed this thread?!
awesomeness SCREAMS in this piece! but will u rework the fruit shaders? the fruits look too flat, maybe a few disp maps and SSS adjustments would do the trick.
can’t wait to see this finished =)


This is amazing beyond words…
Six months since last update… please, please, PLEASE!!! tell us you’re still gonna finish this!


wow amazing modeling skills!!! how did I miss this thread?! :eek:


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