awesome work!! did you created a base mesh or wich method did you used?


Absolutely great work! Keep up! Wanna see it finished! :thumbsup:


jeessuussss ! this is incredible work ! …as always from you Denisa.
good luck and i can’t wait to see this finished. :applause:



WOW! so that’s so COOOL!! Great work, like AndreiSzasz and thenimlot said, Can’t wait to see this finished. :thumbsup::buttrock::applause:

My Dragon WIP


Superb! Can’t wait to see more.


It’s VERY awesome but I’d either lower the hair of the eye brow to rest on top of the brow or arch the brow to match the eye brow hair- Hope that makes any sense.


I think this looks pretty cool. Her face struck me to be a little long though. I am looking forward to more!



I’m not a big warcraft fan. But this is some fabulous work. nice attention to detail.


Wow O.o really stunning work, buddy… hurry up and finish it already :slight_smile:



Hi there, i think you should give more love on the knee area otherwise it’s looking great so far :slight_smile:


lovely creations. I love your works and i hope you finish this work in princess predator quality or better. Exactly it looks great now.Good Luck Denisa. :thumbsup:


Very illegant and sexy character.
Excellent models skills and good taste for sure.
Great work!


hey did ya use zbrush


Hi Denisa :slight_smile:
You have sence of perfection :thumbsup:. I’m looking forward to see this finished. :love:


fantastic model I want more renders


thank youuu :slight_smile:

geniusdev_anshu: i didn’t but maybe i will when i finish the model in max.