Dr Maxwell Facial Test, Keytoon Animation Studio (Animation)


Title: Dr Maxwell Facial Test
Name: Keytoon Animation Studio
Country: Espana
Software: (Other), 3ds max

Hello again!

We continue working with Dr. Maxwell shortfilm project when we have time for do it :P.
Now we have finished setup and face texture, to test it we have made a little animation, well, more than an animation is a facial test to view how deforms with morphs and bones.

We have used morphs for blinks (and wire the look at) and the chubby cheek? (the final pose, we dont know if this is the correct word). The rest are bones to deform the face and tongue.

The animation is rendered with Maxwell render beta, 15 min. for frame (PAL res.) in dual p4 xeon 3 Ghz. The lighting set is composed with 2 emisor objects, 3 reflector planes to make the most of bounces and physical sky.
Look at the aa of hair, no flikering in light and shadows… thats because maxwell dont use fakes. With previous tests with other renderer engines we have allways problems with aa and hair shadows.

These are the links:

High res (8 mgs)

Low res (1 mg)

Remember that this is only a facial test, not an animation :smiley:

Thanks for your comments! and sorry our english :stuck_out_tongue:

Keytoon team


totally great, can’t wait to get access on the maxwell renderer myself. there’s just one thing i noticed in your anmiation. how do i say that - hmm, you can’t blow your cheeks before you close your mouth:). something like that.



Great morphs! Your facial rig seems to work great. And the rendering quality and hair are superb as well. I like those cartoony characters with GI lighting!


Congrats keytoon guys, you´re doing and amazing job!!!



So funny!!!
good job! :thumbsup:


you rock dude!!
i can’t wait to see your animation…

great job…


outstanding, very good! :thumbsup:


Oh guys!
Just an INCREDIBLE and AMAZING work!..it´s beautifule, funny and…and…ONLY A FACIAL TEST!..CONGRATULATIONS!
I´m waiting for a new animations of this high quality project… :thumbsup:
Good luck

Isaak :smiley:


Thet render looks great! And as mentioned above, the Blends are really cool!
Best of luck with the project!


Amazing quality!!! :thumbsup:
:drool: Can`t wait to see the short film!! :drool:


They are mine boys! :smiley:

great job with the older.
I cant wait for watch the animation! ^^

c’mon ppl.!


Wow…no words.

Really well done, clean and funny !




WOW! Really great character and animation, beautifull style and seriuous work.

Congrats to all team, overall to Sytron , I remember when I he give me help in IRC #3DSYMAX.

Good look with your proyect and congratulations for your work.


This is some best facial setup/test/morph/whatever I’ve seen.

You don’t know how much I would love to animate something with that head. :drool:


Hey Alex,

Nice work. We’ve been talking about Maxwell a lot over in the Cinema 4D forum, since it seems that there will be a Cinema connector. I’ve got a bunch of questions about Maxwell since NL hasn’t posted much info yet:

  • how does the workflow compare to working with other renderers? e.g. MentalRay, Vray, Brazil etc? is it comparable to them, or is the materials/shaders, lighting side of Maxwell fundamentally different, since the render method seems to be different as well?

  • what happens when you crank down renderquality settings? does Maxwell always run in 100% realism mode, or can you tweak things to get faster renders (e.g. switch moblur, caustics etc off)? I know its still Alpha and probably has debug code/optimiziations that are still to be completed, but do you think Maxwell will be fast enough to use as a production renderer (with a typical dual Xeon workstation lets say)?

  • is Maxwell a stochastic mode renderer? There’s fine grain in all of the Maxwell renders, and I’m wondering if that’s how it builds up images. can it do non-GI renders, or render without light bounces for increased speed?

  • can you or the NL guys give us some simple still renders that give a sense of rendertimes with Maxwell? e.g. a cube on a plane, a more detailed object rendered with GI, simple interiors etc? it would be nice for the NL devs to pop in some time and explain how Maxwell will work, and what sort of hardware its aimed at.

  • can you bake Maxwell renders into textures? that would be great for VR/game design etc.



Hi! Thanks for 5 stars!! :smiley:

Rendermania, about your maxwell render questions, the best is you go to www.maxwellrender.com and look all the information. We can´t say nothing that the official website don´t tell. I hope you understand this :slight_smile:

A single frame with more resolution and a crop of the tongue :stuck_out_tongue:

P.D. un saludin pal ja3d xDD :wink:

Jonatan | sytron


…great work, I have pre-order maxwell and all these are really promissing!

can not wait!


excellent work,fun too.:buttrock:


Front page for this post…is excelent!..I can´t stop to see the clip and images :smiley:
How can we see final animations?..and some background…?
Great work!

Isaak :slight_smile:


I like the animation, the facial expression and lighting is impressive.

It`s interesting that nobody is allowed to give details, about the maxwell renderer, everything about the details in the webpage looks like this renderer is perfect.
But they just must have something to hide…