Downright Scary


About as close as to a ‘makegreatanimation’ plugin as you can get. Check out the video demos!


if you really want to get scared, ask them for the price-tag :wink: I did—yeeeezzzz


Well dont tease, Olli! :slight_smile: How much was it? I’d order right now if the price was right…


over USD 15k



NaturalMotion Ltd the British developer of dynamic motion synthesis technology announced in a press release today that it is to launch the newest version of its 3D animation software endorphin at SIGGRAPH 2004.

Features of endorphin 1.6 include new adaptive AI behaviors, optimized character simulation, camera import, video plane back projection and dotXSI support with optimization of the endorphin character resulting in a 110% speed gain as well as improved biomechanics.

 The software will be available in September 2004 at a cost of $12,795 USMSRP.

NaturalMotion also announced recently that it has appointed an international reseller network which will provide local sales, support and marketing throughout Korea, Japan, France, Germany, Belgium, Netherlands, Luxemburg, Spain, Australia, and the US.

The high cost is most likely related to the incredible time and cost savings this software is able to provide within [certain] production pipelines.

Would messiah be able to pull in exported animation from endorphin? Or other way around? I haven’t looked at messiah’s import/export motion data formats yet, so sorry if I’m asking a stupid question.


I understand that kind of money is of no concern when doing a hollywood-flic :wink:
some things have to be hi-end, I guess.

Endorphin works very well (at least from what they say & show) with Kaydaras .FBX format and as such with Motionbuilder.
should deliver .bvh, too (if not one could convert with MB)
I dunno about M:A imort capabilities at the moment (I left at 3.3 or so in favor of MB ).
(still feel I should wath M:A, though— its a hell of an interesting app & much more powerful than MB).



Does messiah support BVH format?


Yes it does. It would be fairly trivial to get the two packages talking to each other.


Looks like endorphin simply drives the basic skeleton. Much like mocap. It would be useful for primary animation, but depending on the application (like hero character), secondary animation would still be required and would still take a lot of hand animating time in the pipeline.


Thanks Wegg. There you go - endorphin in a messiah pipeline.


You would have to re-work your rig to mimic the bone placement and names which would be a pain for someone trying to convert their pre-exhisting characters. But if you were starting from scratch it wouldn’t be hard at all. You could probably create a pretty extensive library of motion clips for your character using that tool. $15k is a CHUNK of change though. . .


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