Downloading Streaming Flash tutorial


Hi All,

I am wanting to download what seems to be a streaming animation tutorial for flash. it is flash format but i have no way of dowloading it. i need to doewnload it for my brother who has no interenet access and wanted to make a CD to post to him.

this is the tutorial:

Thanks for any help



They have it heavily scripted where no swf source is found. I’m afraid he needs to have connection to the site. There is no way of saving it. I viewed all source files, both html and js, placed in different programs to try to view the movie, but source will not be found. I would like to master js like these folks to prevent the copying and stealing of the source for my Flash webpage.

If you know someone who knows backdoors through js, get them to help you. For now, I tried tweaking all different ways to get to the tutorial movie source without success. I see why you want to save that tute. Very helpful. See if you can contact the guy in the tute. His email is available. Tell him what your dilema is and perhaps he can link you to a non-scripted address so you can hand a copy to your bro. I’m sure he will be understanding.

Good luck.


Thanks For the help, at least i know i’m not missing something obvious, i’ll not try to get anyone to look at it as i don’t wanna get anyone n trouble, i think they are being released as DVDs at some point according to so i’l probably wait till then.

Thanks Again,


Wouldn’t it be in your cache?


Nope, hehe, some credit please…thanks for the suggestion though.



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