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Hi all,

Those of you who’ve been here for a while may remember me posting a couple of texturing articles, called “Texturing for Dummies”, a few years back. Those articles were very well received by the community, and even ended up in a book publishing deal for me.

Well, years later those articles had become horribly outdated, and in some cases totally incorrect. So I figured it was time for an update! Since I am currently on vacation, I took a day out to almost totally rewrite them, and have combined them all, together with entirely new sections, into an illustrated 15-page PDF file.

This article is mainly aimed at people who know very little about texture painting and UV mapping. Topics covered include basic texturing theory (ie a little about common surface parameters), a basic overview of UV mapping, and some food for thought regarding the art of texture painting. Some information, especially in the texturing theory section, has been somewhat simplified for the sake of easy explanation.

Texturing for Dummies (PDF file, 7.5mb)

Sample pages:

I also have a few other articles that may interest newcomers to texturing:

An article discussing how to determine the size for your texture maps (PDF file, 81kb)

A 17 page, illustrated set of Photoshop tips and tricks for texture painting (PDF file, 540kb)

Please feel free to print these articles out and distribute them to your friends, students, whoever. All I ask is that you don’t reproduce any part of them without contacting me first.


fantastic stuff!

big thanks for putting the time and effort into these leigh, well done :slight_smile:


Wow thanks so much Leigh. Just what I needed right now :slight_smile:


Thank you very much, informational art is always useful and appreciated.


Thanks for the updated version Leigh. I know the previous version has helped many, many people… I’m sure the update will have as much impact.


Thanks so much for posting this Leigh! While I kind of new some of this stuff already, you’re articles really helped to clear a few things up and have some great pointers that’ll help with improving workflow efficiency.


Thanks alot Leigh! :thumbsup:


Lately I’ve been kvetching about my shoddy texturing skills so the timing of this is very welcome.

AND quite generous I might add.

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vacation? girl…relax!! :slight_smile:

as mentioned above, the impact of these cannot be overstated imho. thx a ton for the effort and time.


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Wow Leigh that’s really amazing thanks :slight_smile:

I was already looking at the skin mapping tutorial you did for the 3DWorld mag.
Time to update things looks like :slight_smile:


Appreciate the time and effort put into this. Your previous pdf articles on texturing
gave me a better understanding on the subject.

And I welcomed the updated version. Ta :slight_smile:


Wow, it’s just what I needed!
Many, many thanks.


Thank you Leigh! :thumbsup:


Thanks Leigh and on your vacation, thank you very much.


Thanks a lot Leigh!


Thanks Leigh! :thumbsup: should come in handy soon.


Eeeexcllent, thank you! :slight_smile:

I hate texturing, I have always felt no book I have read really helps me understand the concepts that well but reading through this has helped me :slight_smile:


thanx alot, leigh …
your articles are so greet …