Doves, Marta Dahlig (2D)


Title: Doves
Name: Marta Dahlig
Country: Poland
Software: Painter, Photoshop

A commission painting I have finished a longer while ago.
Not exactly my style and so I was rather awkward to post it here, but thanks to support of my friends I thought: what the hell :slight_smile:

The point was to depict an angel but with a somewhat darker past, and so I tried to make the theme subtle yet noticeable, a hint rather than a bold depiction: the character looking rather anxious and thoughtful…

Painted from scratch in Painter and Photoshop in a month(or two) of on and off work.
Live reference in the form of anatomy and lighting studies for the character (the same as for Pandora, to clear any confusion). Also, some references for the pigeons and the necklace. :slight_smile:

Here’s some closeups:


absolutely gorgeous!! Just like my angel <3

btw, i’m a happy proud owner of a print of this pic :smiley:


I’m really glad you decided to post this piece, it’s very different from the rest of your works, but still maintains the high quality I’ve come to expect from you. The color palette work very well for this piece, and the skin tones are highly impressive. I also like that trenslucency (sp?) effect you incorporated on the wings, very subtle but effecitve. I don’t think it was a good idea to ‘crop’ the bird though, it makes the image feel a bit cluttered overall. That’s nitpicking though, 5 stars. Eat them :slight_smile:


I really love the skin colors on this Marta. The head seems a bit different then the body for some reason - I can’t quite put my finger on it.

Funny enough I have been working on a pretty similar piece the past few weeks - well girl with wings just a darker version with some personal background story. Now I am a bit bummed to see that it might look as I was heavily influenced by your concept.

The wings are beautifully done - pretty similar to the concept I had for mine, feathers are such a pain to paint aren’t they? :smiley:
The hair bugs me a bit - it seems a tad bit too strainy but the hands are once more done beautifully - I am having real troubles with mine >_<

What your piece is a bit missing is bounced off lights. The light of the white dress would bounce off of the underside of her ellbow for example and the red shadow on her back seems a bit too red for the blue/magenta ambient light but who am I to nitpick like that :slight_smile:

Once more - a very sensitive soft beautiful image :slight_smile:


This is really lovely and thanks for showing us.
The colours and details are impressive especially the wings and cloth parts.

But I think the chin and jawline part is a little bit disappointing because it doesn’t have the volume that the rest of the body has.


What can I, a merely mortal human being say to you? :smiley:
10 stars!!!


Kamil: thanks hon :smiley: you know how much pain it was, eh? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

George: Thank you for the encouragment to show this piece, it meant so much to me. :slight_smile: I’m glad you like it! As for the birdy, I think I agree… but what’s worse is that when it was shown completely, it looked even more cramped… I think I would need to change the composition a bit.

Natascha: Thanks for visiting =) Don’t worry about being accused of “influence”. Not like “girls with wings” is an original subject, eh? I envy you on the darker theme, I enjoy those so much more.
I agree on the hair, but to be honest I couldn’t get it right. They were a pain (blonde is ok, but white hair seems to be so hard for me for some reason) and I am aware I gave up much earlier than i should have… sighs
As for bounced off lights, I am glad you nitpick, as you’re great at it! I know I am missing those, and I left them off on purpose, as I just couldn’t get them to look natural enough (they looked like smudges of color).

Linda: Ahh I know, the evil chin! =( I’m glad you like the rest though =)

Amauri: Criticise so I can fix this thing, I can get no satisfaction with it :S But thank you very much!


Incredible, as with all your work…the pastel-like softness is particuarly well done. The image is very effectively focused on the subject and the shading…o wow, how do you do your skin? It’s incredible!!

I love it m8!


Absolutely gorgeous as always.
I wonder where you get your ideas from…they are always original and absolutely fantastic :slight_smile:
5 stars for me for sure :slight_smile:


Great… i love your sense of color and soft painting.


wonderful job allthrough out but i gotta say my fave parts are the wingd and the clothing. I just love how the flow and how detailed they are


She is extremely beautiful. Great job! How big was the original file, in terms of Pixel x Pixel?



This is an absolutely stunning piece. The fabric is gorgeous, as well as the skin and lighting. The only thing I can think of as far as critique goes is her face. Something about it doesn’t seem to fit with the rest of the piece to me. Maybe it’s the lighting? I absolutely hate critiquing something without knowing any solution to help you out, but I figured if I pointed it out, you might notice what I’m seeing. Or you may think I’m just a tard. xD Which really honestly, could be the case! :smiley:

Otherwise, this is a gorgeous piece of art! I cannot wait to see the next one!


Realy nice piece. I think some chain shadows cast onto her fingers might give it some more depth.:slight_smile:


I have no critique beyond what everyone else has noticed, except to say while I love your ‘darker’ pieces, it was a great joy to see you work in white! Or ‘pretty in pink’, whichever. Lovely piece!

(And yes, I avoid feathers like the plague. You have my sympathy!)


Hey girlie! It’s fantastic to see a new piece from you! (I’m still stuck on mine, bleh)
I think you handled the whites extremely well here, especially her dress (I just -love- how you paint fabric) and the wings (so soft!).
There are two things that I think, if worked on, could really make the image even better. The first is the bicep area of her left arm, just around her thumb. That area seems to be going in a more forward angle as compared to the rest of her arm. Also the reason the face looks a wee disconnected from her body is that you have a really strong edge along the jaw. Some softening there and maybe some more darks on the shadow side of her face would help to integrate it better, IMO.


Absolutely amazing.
5 Stars!

:applause: :love:


Thank you everyone for the feedback!
As for this piece, it has been finished around 2 months ago and I am aware of all the flaws of it. And so, I can assure you that all of the “weak points” of this painting have already been worked on in my current painting. :slight_smile:

Soverign: Thank you very much =)

Maestra: Thanks you, Alisa, it means a lot!

Martt: Thanks!

balasa: Thanks for dropping by :slight_smile:

Moogies: Thank you! The file was something around 7000x11000px

Noctourne: Thanks for the comment Grace. I know what you mean by don’t fitting… I made some mistakes with her jaw and the dark colours under it, which make the face pop.

LegacyPunk: I think you’re right, I’ll look into it!

CGriffin: Thank you very much Christine. It was a hard experience for me, and I’m glad it’s over =P Now off to paint something dark, mwahahah!

Iridyse: Thanks Shreya <3 I totally agree about the jaw, that’s something that has been bugging me but I couldn’t exactly name it while painting… I’m a bit too lazy to fix all of this now, so I suppose I’ll leave it with that flaw… But thanks for pointing it out :slight_smile:

Spc: Thank you very much =)


well, I’ve nothing to add… I can only drool now :drool:

Can you post some details of the fabrique? Especially on the breast area, please :drool:


This is stunning. I am so jealous of your talent, especially your talent with painting skin. It always looks so real and has such a translucent quality to it. The skin on this one is perfect. If I could paint skin this well, I could die happy. :slight_smile: