Doug Chiang "clone".


Hi everybody. I am new at this Forum. My english is not good…I am from Brazil. I did this image, after be astonished with the images made by Doug Chiang (
The guy is INSANE ! :slight_smile: A very kind person. I did this pic, only for my personal study. I am trying to improve my skills doing images only with Photoshop…
Ps : (The “orange structure” is originaly by Chiang)


hm great clone! I’m sure Doug Chiang will be proud of you if he sees this picture :slight_smile:


Hi there. Thank’s for the repply. :slight_smile:
I showed this image to Chiang. I was afraid about his reaction…But he liked a lot. When i did this image, i guess that the original image was made by chiand with real airbrush, ink on a canvas, or something… No…I was wrong! He told me that the original image was made on Photoshop too !!! So…The guy is realy a monster , with pens, brushes or a mouse… ! :slight_smile:

I did the image, only to study photoshop. I learned lot of tricks and improve my photoshop Skills. Really nice test ! :) I will do lot of tests like this one... I took about 8 hours to did the entire image, from scratch. But the result was much lower in details than the orginal by chiang...

Sorry about my poor english. :slight_smile:


wow i love it!


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