double faces and verts plus more!


Hi everyone. I seem to encounter this problem often with my software.
When I extrude, about half the time the geometry will act as if I hit extrude twice, when I didn’t. So there will be hidden geometry and double verts that like to show up after the fact. I always just try and merge the verts and clean it up, brige geometry and do the basic stuff. But today I was modeling a head and it was happening enough times while making the mouth that I decided to revert to a previous save.

Then when the file loaded the geometry was semi exploded, faces were missing and verts were misplaced all over.

I attached a photo of my previous save right after loading. I tried loading older ones but they were all like this.

Any idea?

Windows 7
Maya 2012
12 GB ram
i7 920 @2.79
XFX Radeon 6950


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