Dotnet Assembly Error on Second Load


This time I try to load willson explorer tree view

thePath=getFilenamePath ThisScript
dotnet.loadAssembly (thePath+"WilsonProgramming.dll")

aa=dotnetObject "WilsonProgramming.ExplorerTreeViewWND"
--showmethods aa
--dotNet.showConstructors aa

TreeRoot = dotnetobject "WilsonProgramming.ShellItem" --->when load the first time its OK 

When I try to load it secondly it throwing this error code : – Runtime error: dotNet runtime exception: The Desktop shell item already exists so cannot be created again. Is there way to prevent those error ? :wip: :wip: :wip:
btw Im using mxs rolloout tho…

Many Thanks


ask this question to Willson… who can fix bugs in his control better than he?


dont need Mr.Denis…i got it now,…just try using try (…) catch (getCurrentException()) (Damn I forgot this try catch thing fool me :wip: :wip: :wip: )…altho not really good but working great. But Maybe I will submit it tho…cyeee… :bounce: :bounce:


but you are not solving the problem, you are merely hiding it.


Yes but I found new ways…using gravey and denisT methods about how loading dynamic assembly , thanks to that now I can move on. Thanks denisT and Gravey :buttrock:


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