DOTA Piece


i decided to stop at this point to hear your helpful crits and advices. Its a simple image (DOTA fanart), i´m looking to add much more drama and make the character pop out but i don´t know how to do it, thanks in advance guys.


When you say you want to add more drama to make the character pop out more, I’m assuming you meant to punch up the lighting? If so, keep in mind that depending on where you’ve designated your light source, you might have to indicate how it affects the background too. It’s possible that there’s enough break in the clouds to allow a shaft of sun beam to hit exactly the character, but make sure you address his immediate surrounding too–they’d likely get hit by that shard of sunlight too.

Compositionally, you have a bit of a problem, with the tip of his sword’s contour edge almost lining up with the diagonal recess of the rock in the background.


Beautiful! Great colors