Door Of Eternity, George Pourikas (3D)


Title: Door Of Eternity
Name: George Pourikas
Country: Greece
Software: Maya, mental ray, Photoshop

Hi everyone :slight_smile:

I desired to make a picture among today and yesterday.
To show that time can leave all behind.
But i placed a bay leaf, symbol of eternity and resistance against degeneration of time.
Which things can pass through the door of eternity?

C&C are most welcome


Really nice concept, the modelling, lighting, rendering is amazing!


very nice works almost like a doors:beer:


Great scene , congrats


Thanks people, I’m very happy you like it. I’ve worked a lot in this picture and I think this is the best reward.:slight_smile:

Original resolution 6000x3836 the following is 1600x1023 and some crops from 2657x1699


:bounce::bounce:Wow absolute master piece:bounce::bounce:
5*From me


Amazing work, really wonderful lighting, rendering.
Very nice details at the modelling :cool:.

5 stars. Keep this up :deal:.


giota - Thanks

Trickas-Thanks my friend :beer:


Fantastic ! The quantity of details is really impressive, very good work !


this is magnificent! Very detailed, and I love your style as well. It is a great work! 5 stars


Amazing work!



ehh… what am I gonna say…?

its amazing obviously otherwise i wouldnt comment…
but I have one crit… ehhm no I dont.

I just love it. The colors, the composition, the way the door is just slightly open… the architecturte… the detail etc etc etc.

would love to see more of your work!

keep it right up!


wow,looks amazing, love the render quality , better than realism. *****


Very impressive!


Like Stahlberg said, “very impressive!”


MichaWha, TCPortfolio, jdsb: Thanks. I stick to details because i love details, in modeling and texturing, but i have for enemy the hardware limitations and the time.

jhorsthuis:Thanks a lot. I try to create soon a new image (i hope to find more free time)

Stahlberg: Thanks a lot for your comment (i am fun of your art)

jsgknight, David-J: Thanks for your comment


:surprised …

i like everything that is in this picture! so great,the buildings,cars,the enviroment…just WOW! 10*


amazing scene , very impressive
5 stars


Wow! Amazing detail, Sun!


Very impressive!