Doom3 out in some stores..



hahaha Y all the big fuss over a game that I will get when I come back from siggraph!
I can wait.


hahaha, yeah your right. how silly it is.


I’ve pre-ordered my copy this morning.

I am also honored to submit the first post to use correct English.


snizzle my wizzle?


Not really. You’ll find the word is spelt “honoured” in English. You would have been correct if you’d said “American” or perhaps “International English” (my old English teacher would be rolling in his grave if he knew I’d just typed that).


I knew someone would nag me for that. Since I’m typing this from the U.S.A. though, I am confident you’ll find it in your heart to grant me leeway.


Me fail English? That’s unpossible!





Inglish with a capital “I”

In other news: Doom3 - looking forward to it distracting me from Uni work, hehe


Afraid so.

It’s mostly British-English, but still applies in American-English.

…anyway, still another week to wait here. But as much as I’m looking forward to it, I don’t know that a major distraction will be very helpful right now…:argh:


Seems slightly odd that the conversation has devolved into grammar class instead of escalating into a heated debate about hellspawn…


work in pcworld in the uk so should be one of the first in the uk to nab a legal copy


Welcome to the internet :thumbsup:

Q. How do you spelt Doom 3?

A. G-F-O-R-C-E 6-8-0-0 U-L-T-R-A

-G : )


roffle my waffle?


here are some screens(note its not porn)


Hmmm I played a game that looked much like that…and finished it already. It was Cryteks Far Cry. I hope Doom 3 screen shots don’t do justice to the nerve jolting atmosphere I am expecting. The FPS market has matured a bit since the original Doom. If it turns into a linear run and gun with power ups and keys then I’m going to be bummed out.



Give them a break. Sure, the fps market has matured… but so has ID.


lego my ego?

snickle my pickle?

locko my taco?

fedder my chedder?

orange my … orange? :smiley:


The reviews say its cool, but its only run-and-gun gameplay…Nothing new at all.

FarCry was an amazing game with lots of depth with open maps and vehicals, and I hear that Doom does lacks any of hat…but it does make up for it in scariness. We’ll see… it has my money already.