DOOM3 is out... discuss this badboy here.


Here is a tip i just learned at IRC:

when you turn off V-sync from your card settings the framerate doubles up!


UH ? V-sync off would double the framerate ?? in the drivers or in the game or boths ??


As someone said earlier about games moving to outdoor settings, that is true. However, that is simply because it is an untapped area of gameplay, that has been badly done until now because of a lack of technical ability. Now that Far Cry has done it succesfully, and the tech side is taken care of, you can bet that more games will have huge outdoor areas like that, which are also impressive, and very pretty to look at.

However, Doom 3 occupies another sub-genre of FPS games. From what I have read already, it is VERY apparent that it wants to make you scared, claustrophobic, jumpy, and generally get a real rush out of the game. This is much more easily accomplished when the setting is indoors. If it also happens to be on a station infested with helldemons that want to eat your juicy spine… Well, then it just gets that much more fun.

But the future is not Far Cry, the future is Half-Life 2. I have never ever called a computer program sexy before but that is what I am doing right now. Half-Life 2 is DEAD SEXY. It’s sexiness is greater than that of Doom 3 only because it happens to have large outdoor areas, but since Doom 3 wouldn’t profit very much from those, it is forgiven.

EDIT: The future could very well also be Stalker. However, I will just hedge my bets and say that all three, with Far Cry as well, are the future.


in the drivers.

I dont know why it speeds it up but it does.


Regarding the outdoor\indoor argument :

this is not like Halo guys , where every toom is a copy of the other with the same texture and layout. i have yet to see a room in doom 3 that resembles any of the others before , ID really went some ways to make the environment unique and they succeeded.

Add to that the fact that you can interact with most of the stuff in the room through dynamics (its really fun to shoot a zombie and watch him fall down the stairs realisticly and crash on the boxes below) you have one fine game to keep you busy until half life 2 comes out :slight_smile:


i think so too


exactly!! enjoy.


Hah hah! yes, compare to Doom3, HL is a sexy game, cause Doom is Deadly! ID Software (and its titles) is always #1.
I just installed it and I can’t waste more time here, I have got some bad guys to slay! :stuck_out_tongue:


First of all, i like doom. Only the design part hehe, some demons are cool. Opposite of that the game is all a “Bunker”.

I’m with Half life 2 too. Normal maps make the games too dark, is a pain in the ass to need to turn off the lights and up the brigthness to play decently (i have a great monitor…). Doom3 is heavy Dark. All the screens i have seen and have capted are 95%black. When you “hiper-iluminate” some scene in doom3, this becaming ugly and horrible, normal maps dissapear practically.

There’s also the plastic and wet look, something i really dislike a lot (although they used specular maps… the ugly effect persist). People are getting impressed by the new look of normal maps, although the are the ugliest thing in games ever. The characters have a “dead look” that makes them less realistic. When they will be more stablished (normal maps), they will be more hated if better games like half-life2 appear :slight_smile: soon.

The game also runs very slow in medium machines. Not all the people will play it as well as others. That’s is a pity. A lot of aspects should have been fixed.

Being very critic, some models have unpardonable filling errors, and as a taste, i hate a lot the crappy hand and the fingers, too ugly. I’ve never seen that kind of fingers :).

In conclusion… TOO DARK but another game more that is a “must have”.



I’ve been playing this game for an hour already, and I dig the environments a lot, been looking forward to Doom 3 more than Half Life 2 actually, is just my taste in games. I’m sure Half Life is going to be great as well is just that you can’t compare them because they are so different.

It’s so nice to see that ID kept the traps and the evil feeling that the original doom had, example: Grab some armor in your path and all of the sudden the room will be pitch black, and you’ll be surrounded by zombies…

It’s a bit annoying to not have the flashlight and a weapon at the same time, but this just adds to the scary level a lot which is nice.

Bottom line it’s a great game and its lot scarier than I thought it would be (almost like silent hill level)

Now if you excuse me I gotta change my pants coz I crapped myself twice already :slight_smile:


Yes you’ll run it just fine. Better than mine in fact and I’m highly satisfied with how my comp runs the game.

I agree with SheepFactory… this game reminds me VERY much of Half-Life 1 with a different setting. It’s very obvious that id chose to go with a method that works and expand upon it with this new engine. It is defintely not a “engine-demo” in any sense. Granted, we will have to see how well this engine can do things besides DOOM3 but there is nothing that I have so far seen in game that is just a “hey look what we can do!” thing. They aren’t showing off, they’re using the capabilities to really create some good gameplay. There are lots of scripted events and non-scripted events that really remind me of HL1 which is totally a good thing because I still love HL1. It’s quite a good gameplay experience so far and if you’re thinking it’s just going to be a shoot’em’up, don’t worry because there is an engaging story as well. I read a review that said basically “you know this game is something special from id because never before in an id game did you care what happened next… in this game I can’t wait to find out more of what’s going on.” For DOOM3 id hired an actual writer and it shows. The dialogue is not cheesy, although some of the lipsynch isn’t perfect (what game is though) and the story setup seems to suggest some things which may or may not get thrown in a loop by a plot twist later. I can’t wait to find out!

And yeah, I guess no DOOM3 thread is complete without comparing to HL2… I’ve never expected the same experience so I guess there’s no way I can say “meh, HL2 is better than DOOM3”… they’re not better than the other because they do two different things. I personally am looking forward to HL2 much more just because I know Valve is going to have some revolutionary gameplay, whereas id has brought us revolutionary ambience. I enjoy DOOM3 just to be scared and kill demons (surprisingly enough, the story as well)… I am more looking forward to HL2 for the storytelling.

Lastly… AIPh Pretzel, I’m so glad you took time to post yet another in your string of pointless thread responses. Next time, don’t bother.


In all fairness, I’ll take your demand into consideration.


Re: vsync:

It speeds up because the card stops waiting for the image (frame) to finish drawing before it starts on the next one. This will sometimes increase your framerate, but it can also cause ‘tearing’ (e.g. half of the last frame on the bottom half of the screen, and half of the current frame on the top half of the screen), especially if you (or objects onscreen) are moving quickly. Vsync is most useful for low-spec systems, where it can give you a decent framerate at the cost of some visual clarity.

Also keep in mind that the frame rate you see is still limited to the refresh rate of your monitor. If the engine is rendering 120fps, and your monitor is at 75hz (thus limited to displaying 75fps), you’re wasting processing power for frames you never see. :slight_smile:


people are probably pissed off that half life is taking so long, but im soooo sure itll be worth it. im sure doom 3 is amazing, im getting it today, but theres just some thing special about half life


I got Doom3 on Monday at 7pm at Gamestop. I went home and played it for a few hours until everyone went to sleep. That’s when I shut it off because I did what they told me to do, shut the door, shut the light, and turn up the sound. I got scared quite a few times, and if I’m not scared, I consistantly look around in fear with the flashlight. It’s got good admosphere setting and the sounds.

The NPC were sometimes fun to talk to. But mostly they tell me to leave them alone. At one point when I got the gun, one of them told me to go away, so I shot him. I don’t think that would alter the outcome. But it was fun.

I do like the setup with the flashlight and gun switch off though. The limitation I think helped with the atmosphere. Afterall I don’t think it’s meant to be a run and gun kinda game.

The game ran pretty well on my system. Even though the setting was on medium, I was still very impressed with the look of the surroundings. I did find that the NPCs were kinda stiff looking though, especially when they talk. If anyone cares my system spec:

AMD64 3000
1G 3200 mem
BFG GeForceFx 5900xt


let’s just say, we learn from our mistakes… :wink:


I have. I said that with Dead or Alive: Extreme Beach Volleyball. Granted it’s not extreme, but it’s a game for me to sit down and relax with.


Ya know, it’s kinda depressing but I just remembered something. I’m going to upgrade my comp soon so I can run these new games (among other things muter 500mhz piece of crap mutter mutter)… And then I’ll have to upgrade again to run Unreal 3.


i am posting this without having read any other posts on this thread.


i finished the game already, and i have to say that i am quite satisfied. the level design kept me interested, and the enemies were always fun to kill. i have to say my least favorite enemies, hands down, were the half-baby-half-fly things that bounce around, since they’re hard to get with the shotgun (best weapon in the game). favorite enemy were the ceicodaemons, for nostalgic reasons (flying ball things from the first two games).

i managed to play the game at 1024x768 at High Quality settings with an ATI Radeon 9800 Pro and a 3GHz P4 with only 512MB Ram. It was playable, often smooth with great FPS, but sometimes (when loading new levels or new enemies) it would stutter to an unplayable level for a few moments (probably due to insufficient RAM).

my only real complaints with this game are that the bosses were simply too easy, especially towards the end of the game, where you’re hardly attacking them yourself. I really wanted to see the giant goat head from the first two games, where you had to shoot BFG rounds into it’s forehead.

the ambiance made up for it. having to pick between flashlight and sight or shotgun and darkness was an interesting blend. walking down a creepy hallway and hearing a voice whisper “heellllp meeee” was really effective, and i will always remember this one part where i was walking down a curved hallway with a light around the bend, and a dead body is swinging in front of the light, casting shadows down the hallway.

truthfully, the game is more frightening when there AREN’T enemies to fight.

here’s how i would rate the game.

graphics 5/5

gameplay 4/5 ( i would like to see it more varied, instead of always opening security checkpoints and going to elevators )

sound 5/5 ( the sound was probably scarier than the visuals )

story 3/5 ( i was drawn in by the e-mails and audio files i found, but there was no real ending or intro, nor do you ever meet betruger face to face )

overall i loved this game. the game depth is pretty basic and traditional, but i like that, and getting scared shitless every ten minutes is a plus.



Well i wasn’t waiting for this one at all but had a chance to play it, all i can say is i don’t know what were they doing so long with that game, why so many ppl was waiting for this so badly. For me it is another worthless game with soooo boring and well known scenario. I don’t want to fight with ppl who love this game but it’s hard for me to get why they like it and what’s so scary ? i don’t see running mutants in front of your gun scary at all, just press fire and blast their heads. Sure graphics is nice but it’s not enough. I like fpp’s on single and multiplayer very much, but this kind of games are getting boring, it’s just time to move on and make a real breakthrough in games, not only empty words.
And the requirements aren’t as high as they claim, worked smoothly here.