DOOM3 is out... discuss this badboy here.


Don’t think there’s been a thread for DOOM3 now that it’s released. I picked it up at midnight Monday since on of the Best Buys with midnight sales is right down the street. Been playing for a few hours and I’m loving it. This is nearly as bad playing Marines in AvP2, which was only scary because I had a more real sense of the Aliens from the movies.

The lighting system in the game is just amazing. It’s difficult to keep a good grasp on your surroundings and provides for a real opportunity to be scared. Having to switch from flashlight to gun and back is really annoying though. And I’m not sure what they were thinking with this design choice when they’ve added certain parts that lights will go out entirely and monsters will come for you. Now, that’s fine and dandy when you’ve got your flashlight out but as soon as you’ve got to put it away and whip out a gun, you can’t see the monsters anymore! These few parts like that that I’ve so far encountered are very challenging but I don’t know that it’s challenging in a good way.

A couple issues I have are that at least one of the main characters has a huge freaking seam in the middle of it that you see in one of the early cutscenes, showing that they modelled on side and mirrored, etc. Very unprofessional there and I don’t know what’s up with it. I will look and see if it’s in more cutscenes or just that one or what. I’m also very disappointed in the much vaunted “if you shoot the lights, you’ll be in pitch darkness”… which is not true at all. Certainly the lights come from real sources and interact with everything, but you are unable to destroy most fixtures and if you CAN destroy them, they often continue to spark or flicker. I had been looking forward to messing with destroying all the lights but it’s unfortunately not what we were led to believe.

Gameplay is so far really slick. I’m getting more into a groove where I’m not getting so terrified but at the beginning when the lights go out, if you’re like me, you’ll spend a lot of time looking in nooks and crannies everywhere trying to find the monsters who’re going to jump out at you. I got over this after a bit, and besides, it doesn’t really work, they hide too well!

Two more minor gripes are… I came across a little easter-egg of sorts, not really an easter-egg but something for the attentive gamer. It actually requires you to leave the game entirely and surf the net to accomplish it, which I think is a poor design choice. It really throws you out of the game, and I would much rather have had a menu I had to navigate to on an in-game computer screen. Speaking of which, make sure you check all the computer screens you can access… there are commands at the bottom of the screen which are useful, opening doors and locks and such. My other minor gripe here for this paragraph is that the game so far is extremely easy!!! I am playing on Normal mode for a couple reasons… first of all, my comp isn’t beefy as far as the specs for this game go so I am waiting till I can upgrade to play it on it’s Hard or Nightmare modes. Second, id games tend to be difficult or at last I thought they did, so I figured normal would present a challenge. Unfortunately, there are lots of ammo packs and health packs and everything all around in normal mode and it’s so far very easy. I hope it gets more and more difficult as the game progresses or I’ll be kind of peeved at not having to really work hard to get through game. If you consider yourself good at FPS, you probably ought to go with Hard mode like I ought to have done.

Lastly, if you know your computer will supposedly play it but you’re apprehensive about how well it will run or want to wait and upgrade later before you get the game… fuggedaboudit. I was in that boat but I have no willpower so I ran out and got it anyhow… I’m glad I did! I will save the really hard mode for when I upgrade but the playing experience now is amazing (Athlon XP 2700+, Quadro4 980XGL, 1ggb ddr400 nforce2). Trust the reviews when they say this baby is playable on what they say it is. I am currently running High detail at 800x600 and though I’d love to be running higher, I don’t really notice it very often and the framerate is great. I wouldn’t be too interested in running 640x480 I think but if you think your comp can handle 800x600 (mine could do 1024x768 but I am going for insured higher fps) then get the game if you even have the slightest interest! This game is really cool so far. Make sure to do as id says and turn off the lights. I also recommend headphones if you don’t have really good speaker setup, as the sound is phenomenal and some of the ambient things I actually thought were in my room and were freaking me out.

There are some elements for good scary setups I can think of that should be in this game but I haven’t come across yet. I’m only an hour or three into it though and I understand it will take about 25 hours the first time through. I hope they have some of the stuff I know they could have/should have done later in the game!

Definitely interested in what others’ experiences are so far.

[edit] Damn! That got really long. Kudos to anyone who reads all of it.


i wasnt considering buying the game since i couldnt afford a new computer, but since my friend gave me his old one with 2.7Ghz 512 ram and my 128 nVidia gforce 5800 im starting to think i could play it. ya think i could? im leaving for the US on thursday for my vacation and could pick up a copy while im there. it would be nice to kno if my computer could run the demon.

as for the “lights going out at the worst moments” bit, if that happened in real life would you spend more time complaining about it or more time running away from monsters or trying to shoot them? stuff like that could happen at the worst moment in real life, and i dotn think you would want to stand there and moan “aww no fair!”. seems realistic to me that you gotta adapt and deal with the problems the game throws at you.

if its too easy bump up the difficulty! i hope it gets harder for ya, i hate games with the same difficulty through the whole game. whats the point of getting better if the content gets easyer?



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tbh i’m in the “I’ll wait til i upgrade so the first run is on highest settings” camp. hopefully i’ll be upgrading in the coming weeks. thing is, i’m honestly more interested in modding the game than in playing it. all that time playing with normal maps and using my CAD app with Maya to generate stuff … i want to put stuff in the game!


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We have to wait a few more days here in the Uk for Doom 3 and it’s killing me!!! I’ve just upgraded my computer and i can’t wait to test it out on a juicy game like Doom!!!


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Yeah I got two paragraphs into it and my ADD kicked in.


Hell, I want that avatar as well…


I read it all. my add didn’t kick in too bad.:slight_smile:


Read most of it. Don’t have ADD.


ehh, my computer at home isn’t powerful enough to run it at its best and I’ll wait for the longeivity reviews come in a couple weeks before I consider buying. I want the initial reactions of ‘omg best game evar’ to get filtered out and see if people are actually still playing it a month from now.


people are telling me that Doom 3 is the best game ever and shit like that. i dont think its that good. Great engine and graphics, what about the gameplay?


from the sounds of it, it’s and engine-demo more than anything else…but corridor shooters seem to be headed on the way out. I would rather have a large outdoor environment than a closet with a flashlight.


i am still questionning about my computer will it able to run nicely.


Apples and oranges.

I fount doom 3 gameplay to be very enjoyable. And the story is very nicely done too. This is not like the old doom where you just blow monsters up and move to the exit. This one you have to strategize cause you are outnumbered and low on ammo most of the time.

So far the game is incredibly well designed and i cant wait to find out where the story is going to lead next. Its more like half life than doom :slight_smile:


That’s good to hear. I’m real sick of Id “games” that are really just $50 tech demos of thier latest engine. I’ll probably still wait for a price drop before I buy though.


Doom 3 is out?

Best shows it as still pre-order:

I should go check it out at the store.