Doom Movie for 2006



a Doom movie could be very sweet.


Or very horrible :hmm:
I guess we’ll have to wait and see.

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And I already know the movies storyline…! :wink:


as long as Paul Anderson or McG doesn’t direct…


as long as Paul Anderson or McG doesn’t direct…
HOW TRUE that is.



I think most games have surpassed movies in quality of entertainment per dollar.
(no poo throwing ok)


Sure why not, just another blite in the video game movie genre. :shrug: (i.e. Super Mario Brothers, House of the Dead, Resident Evil 1 and 2,) Horrible idea!


Do they even have to turn on the projector? :wink:


Some producer is at lunch with another producer.

“Mkay Tad, this Doom thing is hot right now so we need to pounce on this one. I’m thinking we get Vin Diesel to play the hot shot hero that is…about to go on a weekend leave to see his wife. Then all hell breaks loose with CG demons and he has big guns and explosions. We’ll get that hot chick from Pirates of the Carribean to play the love intrest, she owes me a favor. Ohh man this thing writes itself. Oh and start a buzz on the internet that we are writing it as a trilogy…cause you know that trilogy thing is hot now, what with the Lord of the Rings and Matrix.”


You are fast. They only announced it, but you already have such strong opinions against it.

That’s some serious forecasting abilities you have there! :slight_smile:

Maybe it will be awfull, but I’m enjoying Doom3, and I think it could translate to a good sci-fi movie. At least good enough for me to wait before starting to trash it.


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The movie would have to have another story written for it. I mean look at the game you just run around killing everything and unlocking doors. :smiley: I’ll bet they’ll change it, throw a hot chick in, throw the token black guy in (that gets killed 10 minutes into the movie), and whoever happens to be the big new badass in 06.


If im not mistaken werent they suspose to make one along time ago, digging threw my old game books, the Doom 2 game guide has in interview from the maker and he said they were in the process of making a script and was going to start Arnold for the part of the hero. If you ever find the old doom 2 game guide check it out.


So uh…anyone up on the corporate ladder have any balls anymore? This is really stupid and boring to be playing things safe by riding the crap out of a hot thing. I think I’m inspired to make a CG short that depicts how spineless and weak the entertainment industry is getting.

I’m officially mad.




I believe it when I see it.

Doom movie has been in development ever since the first game came out. High-profile actors like Arnold Schwartzenegger and The Rock have been attached to the project at various points, and the film rights have been jumping from studio to studio. As I understand it, iD Software is pretty reluctant to just go for the easy money and want to hold a short leash on the progress of development. While it’s probably a very wise choice creatively (House of the Dead, anyone?), it’s been a factor that’s contributed into delaying it getting made. That and about a billion other reasons ranging from the script, the availability of actors and directors etc.

It would make a neat summer popcorn movie, though. The premise of “a lone space marine is the only one standing against the forces of Hell” is pretty high-concept, so I see no reason why studios wouldn’t want to get made. It just takes all the right people to get around the same table - unfortunately, that’s easier said than done.


You can’t bash it yet. Better movie to video game translations are getting made so why not the other way around? There’s no way they are going to get better at it if they never try.


I think a Doom movie would be great. Personally I like the Resident Evil movie and I think a Doom movie could succeed in the same way.


I’m in the same, I’ll belive it when I see it mode.

This buzz actually has been going on since the first Doom came out, and not just from fans but from ID idself. I was actually told in letter form long long ago from ID that they were “working on a movie.” If there were going to do it, now would be the time.

We can only hope.


I just hope it doesn’t turn to poo like most other video game -> movie translations


What’s the point of making a Doom movie? The summer time is bigger than ever before for movies, you have to be careful at what kind of crap you’ll be making. Half Life would be more logical for a movie with the 1984-ish world, but Doom? Please… big scary monsters and a big bad ass dude… that would be acceptable for b-serie movie from the 80s!