Doom 3 Character Modeling


Ive Been Anxiously Waiting The Realease Of This And The Halflife Engine Just So I Can Model Some Characters But Now That Doom Is Out I Dont Know Where To Begin… Do I Need To Use A Special Program Or Can I Import In… Any Advice On How The Production Proces For Importing Characters Into The Doom3 Engine Would Be Greatly Appreciated


The big question have you done character modeling in the past. If you have what program. How much texturing have you done. When you say you dont know where to start does that mean with 3d or just importing the files into doom3.

No matter what your questions are this is a good place to find some answers.

They have forums that talk about all the issues. If you dig around a bit im sure you can find answers to all your questions.


XSI for HL2 has been released for a while. You don’t need to have the game engine for HL2 released to model the characters. Obviously you won’t be able to use them until its released, but you can at least get a head start.


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