Don't see week three lecture Value, Lighting and rendering


Hey all,

So the week 3 homework Assignment is up, but I can’t seem to find the lecture, is there one and if so is anyone else experiencing this?

Thanks in advance!


Never mind Found it !


Trying to discover why several people are having trouble finding the lecture forums. You should have a list like this

let me know if you do not see all of these


I only discovered this site of the forum late on Week 1. It’s much easier to navigate now through the topics. This is the link btw if anyone is still getting lost.

I am guessing the webinar for Week 2 will be posted in the same topic as the Lecture 2 video and homework!


Hi Natalie - correct! We’re still working on getting the Week 2 Webinar uploaded, but hope to have it up today. Thank you!


Thanks for your patience! The Week 3 lecture & homework videos should be visible there now - the Week 3 Webinar will be this Sun Nov 25. Thank you!


Week 2 Webinar is now posted: