Don't Feed the Plant, Alberto Lozano (3D)


Title: Don’t Feed the Plant
Name: Alberto Lozano
Country: España
Software: 3ds max, Modo, Photoshop

“Don’t feed the plant”, this is my latest work. For this little piece i did a small funny plant, maybe result of laboratory experiments. I did all the work in modo and the textures with photoshop. Max were used only for the rig. Comments and Critics are wellcome.


Hey great plant :scream: reminds me those in Jayce, nice render
(only the shape of the glass behind is anoying me a little bit)
This plant surely knows how to draw! :smiley:


This is very nice. :thumbsup:
A point of critique might be, that the material of the lower plant parts looks somehow too much like plastic.


Well done, keep it up! 4* at least , i am gonna start learning modo soon, quite interested in this software since, this nice plant makes me feel quite sure about it :slight_smile: :thumbsup:


Awsome work, sort of reminds me of the plant from the movie little shop of Horrors, only on a smaller scale… :slight_smile:


Wow! The plant can draw too! You rigged this? I’m predicting a front page for this.


Very nice. I agree, it deserves to be on the header


Any chance for a wire?


WOW!! magnificent picture!
I don’t like the glass but the plant is so cool!

5 star for me :thumbsup:
Please post a wire!!! please


Very cool concept! I like the rendering and all
the details arround the plant! Keep it up…
Good work!


dude this image is soo cool, i like the plant alot and the light of this image is very soft and eazy to look at. so very nice work dude.

Aldin Bilalovic


Feed me Seymor!

Very cool.


A plant that can draw is one thing…one that kind draw upside down is another ;). Awesome plant…just the kind of animation I like :wink:


Haha. That’s totally awesome. I love the feel, and the homage. Great stuff.


wow:) like your piece very much


Thanks a lot for all the comments guys, glad you liked it :D.

I updated the render with some tiny modifications. The plant is totally rigged, leaves included hehe. It was a hard task, and more for me owing that im a modeller specially :).

here’s a wire as requested


wow thats really sharp!

very nice! :slight_smile:


Nice one Alberto! I like the smooth cartoonish style a lot, it really deserves to be on the CG Choice Gallery :slight_smile:


I like the plant ,because It’s like a man.


good work,Very cool.