Don't be Afraid




my name is Marlon. Im working on a personal project based on the great ilustration from the talented Korean Ilustrator/Concept Artist, Kim Kyounghwan.

Here you have the ilustration:

I started the project a couple of months ago using my spare time. The original idea came from see the ilustration, and see how far I can go from a simple image. The plan is to have a little animation, maybe a teaser…but defently recreate the world that Kim drew, but in 3D.

As an ispiration for the girl I took as a reference Glen Keane, great animator and artist. The main point is to do her as much Disney as possible :wink:

For Tools Im using Maya 2015, Arnold Render Engine, Zbrush and Mari.

Hope you guys like it, and as a progress dont hesitate to comment and critique as much as you want.

Cheers :wink:


Looks really good!
If I had to nitpick then I miss eyelids on the girl and she seems to have no knees. That is probably a style choice though.

Well done.


Thanks Kanga. In fact the eyelids are modeled, is just that wont be obvious in a “poker face” expression. Is dont in purpose as you said, Im basing her desings on little Anna from “Frozen”, Im trying to share same poings in both stetics :slight_smile:

Regarding knees, is a personal choice. But Im feeling now like giving here some leggins, so probably will update that.

Thanks for the critique!


Textures and shaders test from the Monster. I like to keep both characters progress along.


This looks interesting. I’ll follow it! :slight_smile:


Really good news, I just finished bot Rigs for the main characters. Rigs are working good, and implemented some dynamics on it.

For the monster Rig Im using the Flexi Plane pipeline for the spine, so is possible to streach it, twist it, etc…really cool stuff.

Im now heading up towards animations tests. So will have them moving soon.

Once Im happy the plan is to start building up the forest and assets.

Cheers to everyone :smiley:


Hello guys,

I finished all the RIGs for the girl and the monster, and created a little animation as an opening for my website for fun. The final idea is to have a full teaser, with the 3D environment.

Below you can see the final video and the MAKING OFF, if you guys are interested in see how 3D animation was done :slight_smile:

Hope you guys like it!




This is quite nice :slight_smile:
Keep up!


It looks like you’re a freaking powerful generalist! Every aspect of this job looks like made by a specialized pro. Very impressive, man!


This is really awesome!!!


Hey! This is really funny.
No just only the animation, but also the footage.


Thanks guys for the encouraging words! Soon I will start sculpting the scenario, forest and assets…still a lot of research to do :smiley:


Congratulations, the animation looks great! Looking forward to see it finished (Enhorabuena! :wink: )


I Love it.


You have done a good job. well done!


Very Impressive
Powerful Generalist you are.


Great work so far :keenly:


Thanks guys, will start posting sculpts from the remain assets and the main tree…feeling like sculpting it, rather than generate it with any other tool.


Really nice stuff! Looking forward seeing more updates :slight_smile:

Not considered Speed tree for creating the tree? I’m sure you will do an awesome job anyway hehe



I can’t wait to see the environment for this!