Don't affect children



Does anyone know how to turn ‘dont affect chidren’ on and off with Maxscript?

Thanks in advance



I once had to do this and had the same problem. The solution I found was to unlink children, do my stuff, and then link back.

children = for obj in myObject.children collect obj
--Do something here
(children as array).parent = myObject

hope this helps


Yes Ive been using something very similar to get me by:

select <node>
max unlink $
[do something]
$.parent = <node>

Thanks for your help Charles


Sorry about this just one more question…

Does anyone know how to turn the IKHI Solver ‘Enabled’ state on and off with script?

Thanks again



It appears Paul Neale had answered this question before, I just found it.

–Turn if off

–Turn it on




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