Could you please explain in plain English : What is a dongle ?

I never used Ligthwave and it’s time for me to move to a new 3D package, so I’m reading as much as possible about all those “Big Guns” … ( time consuming…!!!)

So What is a Dongle ?



A dongle is a hardware lock (plugs onto back of your comp) that makes a program (in this case lightwave) only usable on the machine that the dongle is on. that way you cant go around installing lightwave on every computer that you want to.




I’m very lucky… very clear explanation and a good picture.

Last question :

If I do not use ( plug ) the Dongle, Lightwave will still work or not?
For eg if I lost the Dongle, or forget about it do I have to buy an another one ?



If you lose it you will have to buy another License.
They may work with you but highly doubtful.
ANd it will only run in demo without it.


Without the dongle, LW will run in demo mode.


I carry my dongle on my keychain and I fear the day that I lose it. But not enough to stop carrying it on my keychain, of course!

But certainly, lightwave run’s in demo…and then “Discovery Edition” mode without the dongle. It’s frustrating though when I fire up LW without the dongle, bang out something neat…and I’m unable to save it.

shame on me.


LOL Zuzzabuzz - wearing it around your neck is just asking to lose it! :stuck_out_tongue:
Why do you carry it around with you? I feel safer with mine just staying put in my little USB hub (where is has another dongle to keep it company) :slight_smile:



Thanks to you all


if your moving your dongle aroudn might be worth insuring it for the cost of a new license as if you loose it your gonna have abit of a prob!!


I find the Dongle story a bit scary … I’m not a messy person but still I find it not very practical…!

At the moment I’m discovering Cinema 4D 8 and I will wait for the release of Lightwave 8 to try it out.



I sometimes want to do lightwave stuff at work, but i primarily use it at home. That’s why i carry it with me so I’m ready at any moment. I got the idea from somebody I met at a user group here. It makes for a good conversation piece as well…nevermind nobody knows what I’m talking about when I start talking 3d.

Killme: that’s not a bad idea. I might look into insuring it. I might cry if I lost my investment in lightwave.


just get yourself a little carrying case.

i’m using a mint tin to lug my dongle around. :slight_smile:

BTW Leigh, I totally love the new avatar! Are you wearing trainers too!


My dongle floats around the house, I’m always fearfull I’ll lose it. I work from a laptop most of the time, sitting outside, at the kitchen table, or on my lap in front of the television. I never keep my dongle in the USB port because having somthing in the USB port (such as the dongle) drains my laptop battery so after loading up lightwave I always take it out and set it down somewhere. I’m always trying to hunt it down.

Somebody else mentioned this too, I always load up Lightwave, and get a really really good start on a model, then realize I’m in discovery edition. That happens to me at least three times a week, and makes me scream.


I wanna use LW on my laptop, too. So am I allowed to install it, I already have LW installed on my PC, and would it work on a second machine? Only one version would work at a time, but is it ok to change between different installations(PC, laptop) ?


Proton once said you can install Lightwave anywhere you want. If you have one license, it can only be running on one machine at a time. Nice and easy.

I still want to figure out the netrendering (no license limit) hijack the machines here at work for my own rendering needs.

It’s been kind of fun to listen to everyones Dongle strategies. My wife tells me we already have the computer stuff insured through our house insurance, so someday maybe I can test out the claim for a $1000 dollar little piece of plastic.

I figure since it’s on my keychain, I’ll not get too far before I remember to look for it. I also do what Pi3141 does…start Lightwave up with the dongle and then put the keys back in my pocket.


you house insurance will probally cover your dongle in the house or garden but further than that when you loose it and you could be in trouble again - of cource =) the insurance company need not know exactly where you lost it =)


Thanks :slight_smile:


I use LW on my home PC, so it’s constanty connected. :shrug: Kinda like just part of the Computer.

…except I need to trade in my current dongle (paralle port version) for an USB port dongle. :blush:


Dongles suck. They do not prevent piracy, as lightwave is always cracked a day after a new release; sometimes sooner.

Newtek requiring us to have dongles is just kinda annoying. I have a USB dongle and I have to completely take my laptop out of the case to use it. If anything they should be smaller, or on a flexible wire; but whatever, newtek just buys them from sentinel, they don’t do anything other than slop that into their code.


Not to mention that I have some old parallel dongles, hardware comes and goes, the LW 5.5 LPT dongle can up upgraded to 7.5, too bad parallel isnt on a lot of laptops.