Dongle trouble


Anyone else having trouble with there dongels, my computer dosen´t see it 8 times of 10 and I have to unplug and re plugit several times.

Also Messiah loses it somtimes when you are working and you have to un plug and re plugit to work.

Tried both new and older drivers. And installing it without having the dongle connected.

Also tried it on other computers with the same result.

Is there something wrong with the hardware (dongle)?

It would be interesting to hear if anyone else experienced similar troubles or if its just me.

First I had to buy another graphiccard and now this, I really want to use my messiah.


I’ve never had any trouble with the dongle, so you could have a defective one :frowning: Have you tried it in a different USB port ?


Tried it on every usb port that my computer got with the same result. But I guess its something wrong with the dongle it self, so I will ask Pmg to have it replased…


Also: never had a dongle issue…


Mailed Pmg and got a quick answer. They will exchance the dongle for a new one asap. :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


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