Donald Duck - WIP


Hi, it is my first time in this forum, sorry if this is the wrong place for WIPs.

I am creating a replic of the Donald Duck, from Disney. But I am having a hard time comparing with the real donals, as the comics I have are all badly drawned, and the internet has a few different angles… and on…

So I am open to critics and suggestions to improve my Duck:

The Shirt is not finished on the part close to the neck (the part with the white tires), the rest is suposely to be cool.

Now I am making tests for a Cell shading version:


FYI: Their is an old ancient proverb, “Don’t Mess With The Mouse!”
Or in this case, the duck!
Words to live by my young padawan! :wise:


Is that really true ? I was thinking it was only a joke =P

I am in no way thinking about “rip” disney, I just love Donald Duck cartoon, so now that I am going to start learning Cartoonish animation, I was thinking to create some kind of dummy for this tests… and voila! Donald was the choice :wink:

Just for study, I wont publish the animations… well maybe… nah… :stuck_out_tongue:


The bottom of the duck look’s a little to pologonated for me. Can you make it more round looking?



Donald is one of my most lovely cartoon guys…!!

You made a good work so far.

my crits:

[li][left]The black thing on his shirt, i think donalds is red.[/left][/li][li][left]his hat is little to small.[/left][/li][li][left]bigger feets.[/left][/li][/ul]
thats it i think :slight_smile:


I will soon post the new changes, thanks for the help !


Well, Demolishman, I asked Donald Duck himself if it was true about “messing with the mouse”, and unfortunately I couldn’t understand a dang word he said; but I’ve heard stories.
All kidding aside, here is an interesting tidbit; According to an article of October 16,1998 by Associated Press Writer Jonathan D. Salant:
“…Faced with the loss of exclusive rights to it’s beloved cartoon character (Mickey) in 2003, Disney helped lead a successful effort to obtain an extra 20 years of copyright protection…For Disney --Whose copyrights on three other popular cartoon characters, Pluto, Goofy and Donald Duck, also expire by 2009 --the copyright extension bill was a top priority.”
Imagine that those Disney icons almost ended up in the public domain! :banghead:


i like it so far, how my crits would be :

  • cell shaded looks wrong with the seam
  • the proportions looks slightly off, mailny the head, but it may just be the angle of the shot

thats all really :wink:


I didn’t check reference, but this is how I remember DD… Also, the eyes might be too big, and the hands seem a bit small…


This forum rules, thanks for all the help !

Here goes the modified version, with more angles and wireframe:



your can model, you can render, but you are alazy git :)!

at the very least you could have fixed the seam!

you know how to but you were just to lazy to fix it before posting…:thumbsup:


Yeah, too many dots to weld =P

I left like that, just in case I need to make a drastic change in the model :slight_smile:


why weld?
can’t you just snap them to the same axis?


Hi Demolishman,

You did a nice start, but I think you should get more reference. For instance take a look at the picture on this link :

Donald’s body is more curvy and he has rounder buttocks. Same for his head, it’s less higher compared to your model’s head. Make it rounder and try to “join” his beak more with his head.

Also very tipical about these kind of disney characters is their expressive hands : Thick and round cozy fingers. I think you could thicken his fingers almost to 200%. Also try to make his thumb more like a big distinct thumb because it now feels like he has 4 usual fingers in stead of 3 + 1 thumb.

And for the “Don’t Mess With The Mouse!”-thing, it’s like making a cover of a Led Zeppelin song, but you learn best from the masters, so that’s why we are here sharing stuff aren’t we :wink:


Awsome reference !
Now I think I can fix him in the right way :slight_smile:

Thanks for the help, I will post the new changes, soon!


remodeling the body:

My doubt is if the front looks as it should :slight_smile:


The new shirt:


Finaly found some free time to work on the duck, here is what I got so far:

The tail is new, the foot is now smaller.

Suggestions are welcome :slight_smile:


Looks good so far, i cannot give you much comment now as this is early WIP stage. Though i noticed one mistake, his legs should be closer to each other, not so far, that’s probably one thing you can’t see from that picture, because it is projection from right, but as Disney fan i can see that. And his legs don’t go in O like your’s, also Donald doesn’t have his fingers on foot so well defined as on your model, and on your model foot is too thick. Hope this helps.

Best regards, Petar Micic.


Have you even played a computer game called kingdom hearts? You really should. It has donald duck in it and it is 3d… might be worth getting some ideas from that - also you might like to check out the website and afiliated sites for screen shots…

Thanks my 2 cents - hope it is helpful,

Regards - Cade