Don`t know him, Steffen Korn (3D)


Title: Don`t know him
Name: Steffen Korn
Country: Germany
Software: CINEMA 4D, Photoshop

Hello All,

My focus here was on the skin texture…so i used cinema 4D V.9.1 and the Vreel Skin Shader V.1.5
I build a very simple mesh and used only four lights in the scene. Rendertime (with radiosity)…hmm?..about 15 mins ?

I hope you like it
c&c are most welcome :wink:


Great work, dude! Congrats!:thumbsup:


skin is absolutely marvelous:) and face is very good:thumbsup:


pores on a forehead are super :bounce:


the atmosphere is so great!Infection work!man


probably the best skin texture i’ve seen. 5 stars


Excellent work indeed!


Agree with all bu nose has anatomical mistake on its shape I think. Bridge is too wide for me. Congrats, almost perfect work though.


Sorry. Double post :scream:


15 min is a very short time for an image with radiosity and fur, what’s the beast you use as a rendering machine? :slight_smile:

amazing stuff, almost real, congratulations!!


Close to real indeed, however something about the nose and the mustache is making me believe it less. Especially the mustache hairs. Great work none of the less.


What macro lens did you use?..just fun…

Great work! Congrats! :slight_smile:

Jomar Machado (ALPINE)
[]( 356) (COKE)


Very impressive! And interesting frame crop…


good work…nose of interesting


Really great work! The forehead is superb! It is only the eye reflections that give away the illusion, and the skin/pores area below the eyes could need some more work. It looks a little dry so maybe you could increase the specular/gloss a little bit here.
Great! :slight_smile:


the wrinkles looks unnatural :slight_smile:


Beautiful work! Great job on the skin. Five stars!


Great work…the skin shader is amazing:bounce:


image very good…nice texture…and light ambient 5stars


Thank you very much for all the replies :wink:

Yes, not all Parts are fully worked out!

My rendering beast is a Mac Quad Pro 2 x2.66 GHz / 3GB :wink:
But, i just used one high resolution image from for color and bump!

I rendered it two times…one with specular and one without. Put them together in PS and did some color corrections there.

Here the pure “specular”-image without postwork…but with fly :smiley: