Don Quixote de la Mancha, Fabricio Moraes (3D)


Very well done! I had to complete a Don Quixote portfolio once, and consequently read the book. Excellent representation of the character!


Amazing work! 5*


hi man ! great work great work!

5 stars for me

Parabens Fabricio, otimo trabalho arrebentou!!! é nois brazucas !


great image muito boa mesmo boa posiçao do personagem.


Once more, thank you very much for the compliments. I wasn’t expecting so much!
I’m really really glad you liked.

Valeu ai para todos!


Awesome man. Love the character design and the pose.


wow, this is great. love the vegetation, the character’s pose and details and the whole mood and colour grading of the scene. congratulations, it’s really good :thumbsup:

parabéns, podia ser capa de um livro sobre o d.quixote! :smiley:


Caceta!! Alucinante! Não vi nem um defeitinho pra criticar! Parabéns!!

Excellent job! You´re in my favorites! I love Seagulls Fly’s works too!



You Done a SUPERB Job …


I really like it


Fantastic work



Wow amazing image :slight_smile: ,

I was just wondering how you got the 300 style glow? was it in photoshop or can it be done in 3ds max/ combustion, be really usefull for a project of mine coming up if any1 cud help, :thumbsup:


The glow i made in photoshop.
Best regards


Ficou muito foda! O nível está realmente “Profissa”! Já estou até vendo mais um brasileiro indo para Gringolândia…

Parabéns Fabricio! Du Ka!


awesome. definitely change your avatar!


The character, the environment and the colors are great.
the character pose is really do an awesome reflection for the moral and the adventures of this amazing novel.



I love his hands! Perfect!



very nicely done! I love the use of color here…but I think you can push the pose a little bit more~ just my 2 cent~ good job!


great stuff… I love the weathering of your materials awesome…work:thumbsup:


Great work, I love the lighting idea and the warm colors!