Don Quixote de la Mancha, Fabricio Moraes (3D)


Excellent work !!! 5 stars, Really nice composition great modeling, shadding, lighting, keep going like this!

in portuguese hehehe…

Rapaz ta bom demais isso ai!!! great great great work!!


Great work.

I loved this model as well the composition, i think would be plugged on frontpage.

Gongrats dude!


Why is this not on the frontpage yet! this is incredible.


Cool stuff, excellent work and composition !


Awesome. 5* and front page.


very nice work!
and good composition too! i like much shading, lighting and fur/shave.

5 stars for me.


Great work as always fabricio!
I love the mood you got, just perfect!

Front Page stuff!! for sure :slight_smile:

Vitor Vilela


Excellent work!!
I really like it! 5 star!
congrats man!

Ficou mto bom isso ae rapa! eh o mito!


aeee Pafrício, tá lindão!!
5 estrelas, parabénss!!


Muito bom, que parto!
24 estrelas PINK pra tu!


Caraaaaaaaaaaaaaaaccccccaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa !!! rsssss


Congratulations 10 stars !


Hi Fabricio,

overall I think you did a great job. The general mood and his body expression is very interesting and noble, but the left arm bothers me. It doesn’t feel natural. The elbow is like 90 straight degrees in relation to the body. When I try to reproduce this pose myself, it doesn’t feel confortable at all. To improve it, you could try to move/rotate the elbow towards his back and the hand forward. That should make the pose look more natural imo. You could improve the composition by using the spear inclination. Right now it’s not completely straight neither has a more defined inclination to help. As I said, moving the elbow back and the hand forward, will naturally ask you to add some more inclination to the spear and this way improve the general pose.
The hand with the shield looks great. It shows some cool tension.

My two cents.

Hope it helps,


Muito muito muito muito bom! 5*s aqui! Parabéns! Adorei o estilão do personagem, a pose dele, a energia que ele passa, o moinho de vento, tudo está perfeito! Parabéns novamente!


Wonderful job!!

5 stars from me.


Great work man…:thumbsup:



We good job with nice details. Five star from me.
Keep it up.

Best Regards


:slight_smile: I really like it





Excelent job, Pafrício!

Not only a great and fast modeler, an outstanding and complete arstist!

Congratulations! 5 stars!


Caralho Pafrício… ficou fodástico!!!
Mais um trabalho show!!!

10 stars!!!:thumbsup::applause: