Dominance War V Q&A Thread


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Just noticed that in other forums like GA. It’s more organized with sub folders for 2D as well as for 3D category. Can we do that here?


I don’t think there is a need for additional forums. We used one forum for the past challenges and it worked fine.


just wanna ask something stupid. It mention all about god of something. so what about goddess ? does it still valid ? if so how the format for the thread ? does it still follow the format “Dominance War V - 3D - your name - God of _____” or it become “Dominance War V - 3D - your name - Goddess of _____” ?


A God is a God. I can be male, female, a toaster or a badger. Your being is Omnipotent and it can be whatever it chooses to be in shape and form (as long as it’s not a cartoon - the only stipulation specified).

God does not imply gender.
Goddess does.


my silly mistake i post with your format but i forgot to put my name on it is there a way to change it ?
the thread was “Dominance War V - 3D - your name - God of Sword”


this is going to be a god, but, imagine that it has a pet, or a weapon , the texture map of 2048 must be the same for everything, the doubt came from this reference, two normals and two speculars??

the question clear and simple, only one map is allowed for each channel or can we use more than one??


Minor point, but isn’t part of the process of thumbnailing and concepts to try options on the subject matter, therefore at the time of creating the thread the type of god is unlikely to be known? If we have to decide our subject before we even do the thumbs then that’s very restrictive.


Do you HAVE to be a member of a team, or can i enter as an individual?
If so, do i need to have my own ‘team colors’ etc?


Hi there,

there is no team category so any work you submit, you do so as an individual. By choosing a team they essentially mean that you compete for either cgsociety, gameartisans etc. In case you start your wip here then you have joined the cgsociety team and the first “round” is among people at this forum. Same applies for other teams.


I’ve got a few questions, hoping there are some answers:

  • For the animation entries it states that “you may add up to 1,000 extra tris for your character’s gear, clothing, appendages, and/or weapons.” and also “You can add as many additional props, beings, or animals as you want to depict your 20 seconds intro” at what point does something become Gear and count towards the 1000 tris for the character and not just as an extra in the scene?

  • As far as adding props, beings or animals, can they be rigged?

  • do the same limits apply to extras as far as textures? meaning do all objects have to have just a single color shader?


harlequin02 - Done. Let me know if you’d rather have your real name and I can change it.

belich - The texture sheets are listed on the rules page. You can’t use more than this for your entire image. One each 2048x2048 Diffuse, Normal map, Specular color, Specular level, Glow, Opacity, and Ambient color.

BaronImpossible - I’m not going to remove your thread if you don’t have a name chosen yet. Put anything. I can change it later for you. Just send me a PM when you have a name chosen.

Dan-Cable - If you create your WIP thread here, you are a member of the CGSociety team and must use the team logo and colors. If you start on another forum, then you’d be a part of that team.

Agoras - If you model a tree as part of your scene is it a part of your character? No. Pretty simple if you think about it. Gear is part of your character (something worn, carried or parented to the character). And yes, single color shaded textures for all animation entries (including environment objects and extras).


Nice one, thanks Kirt.


Sorry if this is a stupid question:
Do you want DW animation entries posted to the DWV forum - or is there a special place for these? Should we aggregate 2d, 3d, and animation entries into the same forum?

I was going to start a post, but didn’t want to place it in the wrong forum. :slight_smile:


TheGrak - This is the only Dominance War V forum on CGSociety. If you post somewhere else, it will be moved here. So please save a Forum Leader the duty of doing so. Post your WIP in this forum.


@Kirt - Awesome, just wanted to make sure! :slight_smile:


hi, i want to participate in animation dept. there are characters to use, how can i download them?


Piotrkura - On the rules page, there are images of the models that you must use. Click on the image of the character you wish to use and the OBJ file will download.


ok, sorry its an browser issue i have to rmb save content as… sorry and thank you.


sorry I can’t find my new Thread in DWV.
I don’t know why happen it.