Dominance War V General Discussion Thread


I’m looking forward to join the war this year!


Is the main challenge still going on this year? I’ve watched the count down and now that it’s time is up I still haven’t seen the start of the main challenge. I was hoping to give it a try this year.


I think it will starts within the next 48 hours.


Awesome! I can’t wait. :thumbsup:


it said next 48 hours ago 2 days ago, and then has the start shortly message ,im guessing it will start friday evening, Hope so anyway, want to try and finish my entry this time!


Yeap… me too.


I would like to try the challenge too this year for my first time.

I just don’t know how does it work about teams for the competition; should every partecipant join a team?
And how do i join a team? Which one should i choose?
Aaaargh, so much questions in my head!

Sorry if you’ve seen these questions a lot of times but still i don’t know about teams for the competition.



Soon …

I’m hearing mention of final spit and polish being applied to the kick off. Hang in there, it’ll be starting up before you know it.


Waiting is an art too.


LOL!!! That is true :smiley:


If waiting is an art this Dominance War will make us perfect at it. 5 days gone after the second time it was delayed and still hasnt started, nor any news when it will.


I know right ,at least some news why would be useful.


Actually we’re on the fourth or possibly fifth delay, but who’s counting?


Ummm… huh? :shrug: still no DWV


Fred is saying tomorrow will be the start date. Hopefully it actually does start tomorrow =P


let’s hope!


Whilst you’re waiting…


Over at Game Artisans Fred stated he was currently uploading the trailer, said it would take around 140 minutes and that was about an hour ago so hopefully not long, this would be my first go at this contest and I’ve been waiting for it since last year haha


:deal: Rules


at last :slight_smile: now all we need is an official topic for DW5 here