Dominance War V - Animation - jchristo - God of the Undead


I have somewhat clear first pass storyboards at this point. Just need to create an animatic and see if it’ll fit within the 20 second limit. Hopefully I’ll have some stuff to post really soon!



just checked out your reel, great acting. looking forward to your animation


Good luck man, looking forward to seeing what you come up with!


These are probably hard to read for anyone but me, but they’ll be helpful for the 3d animatic for sure.

First pass 3d animatic soon to come!

Thanks for the comments so far guys! Can’t wait to see what you come up with.



The animatic is still in the works, but I got some of the rigging and model cleanup done. Here’s what I have so far on that side of things.

Some parts of the mesh were pretty dense and not too suitable for clean deformation when I first looked at it, so it ended up being a pretty big job to get in there and adjust things. It almost amounted to a complete topology overhaul in some areas… which wasn’t fun when you have to, so closely, maintain the original shapes. There’s probably an easy way to do it, but it was beyond my knowledge. At least that part’s done with now!

Here he is with the rig and a quick pose applied! Always nice to see them out of that bind pose :slight_smile: I’ve never been much for rigging, so this competition scared me a bit at first. Luckily, 3ds Max and biped are pretty straight-forward and intuitive, so it wasn’t all that bad to get this guy moving!

Animatic to follow soon!



Here are a couple of early animatics. I threw the character into Maya and laid out some shot ideas with him bouncing around in bind pose. I’m not attached to ANY of the shots at this point and I am in desperate need of some fresh eyes.

Thanks in advance for any crit you have time to give!

First Pass Animatic

Second Pass Animatic

-  redid the second shot in an attempt to squeeze in more action
-  not too happy with the transition from the second-to-last to last shot... or 
                the last shot itself for that matter  :)



Hey man,
I totally stole your format for posting screen shots of your rigs and such - I used a similar approach with my storyboard picture. Just thought I’d let you know that I totally aped that from you, heheh!

Feedback: The idea looks solid, but the ending is lack-luster. Your boards show the hoard rushing past the god, is that still the plan? Will he roar or strike a dynamic pose at the end? It’s hard to tell b/c you just approximated root motion but as long as you have something up your sleeve for the end shot you’ll be set. Nice work!


Nice work man! I can already imagine what a cool animation this will be when it’s completed! :thumbsup:


Gatecrasher & icegee - Thanks for the comments/feedback guys! I’m still working on another animatic pass and I should have that posted with a rig test hopefully in the next couple of days.

Can’t wait to actually start animating!



I like the dynamic camera movement. quite fun to watch, if only you could hold the camera for a little longer in the end and pull it back slower. I checked your 2nd pass animatic. Rig looks impressive :cool:


Yes… yes he does. Here are the added tri’s I have so far. These might end up being the only extras I add to him actually. His design is way more finished looking than the pre-war models.

The rig is taking a little longer than expected. The face has been a pain! I should be done with that some time this weekend.

audin - Thanks! Yeah, the next pass of the animatic is cut down a little on the front end, so I should have more time to hold on that last shot. Any other suggestions, especially on what could be cut down, would be awesome.



This looks so awesome, especially the Animatic. Can’t wait to see the finished piece


Jchristo back at it I see!! Cool concept man, really love your end shot, very creative. Looked at your second animatic man, I think the shots are good, I just think you should spend more time on your last shot to really sell that wicked bastard haha. You could probably shave some time off of the second shot and add it at the end.

Anyways, I know it’ll be awesome.


Well the rig is finally in a state to be tested. It’s taken longer than I thought it would, but I was able to animate a bit and test out the reverse knees. I’ve never had to animate this type of leg an I was a bit worried it’d be touchy. Luckily it doesn’t seem so bad. Here’s a quick animation done to get a feel for the character and test out the rig!

I’ve also made another pass on the animatic. I shaved two seconds off… now all I need to do is give a little more time to the last shot. At the very least, I need to actually animate his arm coming up and sending the undead horde forth. Just not sure how I’m going to handle the transition to between the second-to-last and last shot. Feels kind of jarring to me at the moment… right now, a zombie arm is supposed to be coming up into frame and wiping to the next shot. Any suggestions would be appreciated! Well, here it is!

Zykras - Thanks for the comment! Hopefully I actually WILL finish :slight_smile:

R1c00 - Nice to see you on here again! I totally agree on the ending. I did end up shaving some time from the second shot and I definitely don’t miss the time up front. Thanks for the feedback!

Thanks for taking a look!



the rig looks pretty cool, don’t see any problems there, nice work :wink:

I was going to mention the last shot but it seems you already expressed that you weren’t happy with it. You’re right that it’s a bit jarring, maybe instead of him getting up and into frame, that you start the shot with him already up. I’ll also give u more time for performance.


Nice Rig buddy!! And yes the new animatic is better. Cheers!


Well, I finally have some shots with actual first-pass blocking included. I’ve tried some new things with the last shot, but I’ve yet to sit down and really tackle it. I’ve gotten a bunch of suggestions though, so I should eventually be able to narrow it down and pick the best direction.

This version of the animatic also finally includes some first-pass sound. It might be a bit distracting right now, but I felt that sound would play a big part eventually so I’d better get that in there sooner rather than later.

Well, let me know what you guys think in general, and if anything pops out as just plain bad or confusing. Thanks for taking a look!

4th Pass Animatic

Versiden - Thanks man! The rig is probably as good as it’s gonna get at this point :slight_smile: That’s a good suggestion with him being in frame as the shot starts. I’ve not yet tried a version like that… might be something to check out.

audin - Thanks! Glad to hear it’s reading. Hopefully I’m on the right track.




looking cool, shot timings feel really good atm… onto blocking :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Jim it looks like your animatic is coming together.
One thing caught my eye on the walk cycle.
The little wispy tendrils coming off the gloves look to have some secondary motion to them.

Are you animating the bones by hand or is it a spline/node based rig driving the secondary animation with dynamic controllers?
I ask because it looks like they are reacting opposite of how they should be in my opinion.

It looks like they are moving forward at the same time the hands are moving forward instead of moving forward directly after the hands move forward.

The horns and top of the head secondary motions look very good, but the detail coming off the gloves just look a little odd to me.

It really doesn’t matter in regards to the final animation, but I thought I’d mention it.


theANMATOR2B - The bones on the forearm tendrils are just fk chains. I didn’t experiment much with setting them up with splines… probably a good idea looking back. Agreed, they look kind of funky in that cycle and need mucho polish. They were the last thing I touched on that animation and at that point I was just ready to be done. :slight_smile:

Hopefully they don’t prove to be too much of a pain later on for the final animation…

Thanks for the feedback!