Dominance War V - Animation - Itamar3D - God of Sword


Hi there!

my first attempt in dominance war. Soon i ll post my God of sword.
I ll go with Eredhel`s character, very hard to rig, but my thoughts is…he ll play with the sword and things like that.

see you soon


Hello Itamar. I am waiting for updates. :wink:

Good luck.


I`m working in a Wrap Skin, i had an experience in 2007 ago. I think it ll work:

So, in the night i ll put the WIP if it work. I prefer to work in a rig first, becouse the Odin is very difficult to do. I have my story in my mind, so soon i ll post the storyboard, or animatic.



here my first test in Wrap Skin.

It is working well, just need to do some refiniments in skin paint weights, but i need to simplify the muscles, becouse maya take some minutes to processes the wrap, not in animation. Example, whenever you move the character`s mesh in Outliner, it take some minutes, so i ll improuve the Muscles, less is more!

I need to create a muscle in his hand too.

here a test in character skining:



here is a test of a skininig:

but… i ll not use Dynamics in the muscles, it need to be refined a lot! I`m just use the muscle deformation becouse the character is Ripped and have a LOT of LOOP.

The skinning work well, so i ll finish the details in the Odin character, and start to work in my movie. If the things going well, i ll try to put some dyn in the muscles… in a specific scene maybe.


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