Dominance War V - 3D - Zapan - God of Hedonism


-Last Update-

Hey guys ! :bounce:

*I can’t believe I just pressed the “enter” button :rolleyes:

Anyway , just wish the best of luck to everyone and lots of fun

For now I only have a rough idea of a bird woman , icon of majesty and decay , either seducing and disgusting , living in a dark cold marsh.

She should wear some leather armor parts , feathers maybe some tribal ornaments and tatoos.

As a great huntress , maybe she could fight with a spear , knives or maybe even a whip …

Will try to pop later with a sketch …

ps : Yay ! :applause:


hey Stephane, glad to see you dared pressing that button! i tend to hold back a bit before pressing it, even with a concept ready to post. and after that i get scared for a few minutes and wonder wtf i just did, but it always turns out to be fun :slight_smile:
looking forward to that bird woman, it’s open for a lot of possibilities.


Hey guys ,

Trying to throw some ideas on paper , … I’m digging ^^

Cheers ,



good concept;), it seems that we think almost similar :rolleyes:


Hello man!! Im so happy you joined this challenge!! lets rock the house!
nice idea you have so far man, and good drawing, love the “venice” type of mask :thumbsup: :beer: :beer: :beer:


cool start mate!
i would try exaggerating certain parts to make her look a bit more impressive. could be by making the beak longer, sharper angles and maybe longer legs to make it feel like she is above us humans.
maybe her spear could have a real snake being her companion… just ideas… looking forward to updates!


Nice start ! I wait to see what’s next.


Thx friends ,

@ Alexzavr : no worries , I’m still digging the overall design , and probably it will be quite different from yours :slight_smile:

@ fellah : thx man , yeah I’m trying stuff to make the general look a bit more impressive or frightening … humanoid , total monster , more birdy … not decided yet. I will try different ways for sure :slight_smile:
Actually for the snake spear , I was rather up for a wings kind of ornaments but yeah it could be interesting to give it a shot.

Couldn’t help it , some speed sculptings as premodels :slight_smile:

Cheers ,



wow nice pre models mate, the design looks sweet :bounce:


Hey guys :slight_smile:

@ Rattlesnake : Thanks , cheers mate ^^

Refining stuff , the good part starting up :stuck_out_tongue:

Cheers ,



awesome update! glad to see you’re making progress.

i have some suggestions:

i don’t wanna change your design, it’s just ideas. to play a bit more with various shapes.
making her fingers and arms thinner and bony gives a somewhat more feminine and creepy look.
butt looks a bit flat, like it’s being pushed against a hidden wall and the horn connected to her arm could be attach in a more graceful way. kinda like her elbow grew to much and broke through her skin.

anyhow great progress, hope to see an update soon !


Aha , you crazy genius :drool:

I gotta that it’s way more interesting that way with the same overall concept .

Of course I’m gonna make some tweaking according to that direction.
Some ideas are popping in my head every minutes … I’m very excited with that model and I hope will have time to show some of them this week end.

Thanks a lot man , you rock :slight_smile:


hey mate looking nice!, totally agree with the suggestions sent by fellah, i was going to make exactly the same paintovers but he was quicker than me :wink: :drool: , nah, just kiddin, but the suggestions are very good, hope to see some kicka** progress by monday ,Ill be working hard on weekend aswell :slight_smile: .


I like her body and hands, I’m not a huge fan of her head but that’s mainly because I think it must be very uncomfortable xD


can’t wait to see more of this


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