Dominance War V - 3D - XIUHCOATL - God of Destruction


Sculptris version…

 Heads final ....this week i will do a body drawing as well. but the heads are what make this thing work.
         I figure he will be MASSIVE about the size of a Skyscraper so the base will have to show some form of scale that's legal...but for the beauty render,,,maybe not.
         Still MUCH to render and rework it is VERY early in conception.
         My 1st idea was a god of fear but it wasn't godly enough for me. Bad-asssoldier or even a Herald of a god...but this design to me did not speak God.


A really nice Silhouette never the less :]


dbl post :frowning:


Thank you :slight_smile:
i think i’ll still do a model of him at some point this year …hopefully.

So far this is my lane for this contest…ditn want to do humanoid this time round…it’ll gimme a reason to use the topogun license i bought a month back. the individual dragon heads should be a blast but i Need to solve/ figure out the body structure just a bit more…


more rough works…too bad my main machine went up …now i gotta reinstall the OS and MAx version + z brush all over again …yay…


the set up is not as complex …im strugling with pushing the design further; but i locked down a plausible body that negotiates the three heads and incorporates some of the toerh things i wanted… I know the colors are red black and white so im sure the gold wont stay …any suggestions.? i was thinking a glowing white Aura possibly.
So I’ll start Z spheres and Z sketching soon. I need some more design ideas to lock down…and probably wouldnt hurt to do some plain ole sketches before hitting Z…I will sahre my endeavors :slight_smile:
the hard edge wings will be made in 3d Max and then polished in Z brush also.


Yo man,

Well. first, gratz, looks original and epic, and thats is really a good point here. For what i see, i have to choose (if i must) the black dragon, the convination with the rest of the parts, the integration with the logo and the final silouette works perfect.

Keep this path, and show more.



Thanks Victor :slight_smile:
I’ve struggled with it more-so mentally than anything at some pint i had to just say “OK” were going “this” direction the only rule was NO LEGS.
I honestly have done less thumbs for DW V than any other Dom War previously…so there is a bit of “did i go far enough?” in the back of my head…however doing too many and NO direction sends me spinning more so than hitting the bulls-eye.
Far as …certain good habits have to ramp it’s self back up i feel it coming back however.

I think it’s time to concentrate on head sketches and get those personalities down.
so many options first silhouettes. more to share later …and thanks for looking :slight_smile:


Started the head sketches…



Your concepts look well. Don´t you have some 3d modeling procces?

Here is my god if you like to check:
[/b] [/b]


thanks for the kind replies
Here’s Bullet head …the not so bright one of the group.

The Murderers row Together at last.

I’ll take the Z spheres set up for the body…maybe some Z sketching. Do the heads with a combination of Z sketch and some of the concept sketching techniques they suggest. the complexity of the model screams for Topo gun.


My 1st time with Sculptris…
This tool may be the very bridge i needed to maximize my silhouette creation in tandem with Z brush Z sketch and light box! I would say this took under an hour.
No it doesnt follow my concepts but im so glad i tried it out before going head first into some old but tired and true techniques…this method is too darn fast to pass up on.
This sorta thing could make pre base meshing in Maya and 3D max a thing of the past …dare i say?


When i first started blocking the head out it had more in common with a english boxer,he was so cute for a second there…


did a few more revisions…bed time


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