Dominance War V - 3D - Wooyang Kim - God of Machines


I have no excuse this year not to enter! Good luck to all and let’s bring back one for CGSociety!

Going to be doing a massive war machine god. I really want to follow the game, Vanquish’s style. Here’s a quick description I wrote:

“Gods can’t exists without their underlings. It’s what makes them Gods. I want to portray a massive robot that terrorizes everything in it’s path. Walking destruction machine that also produces underlings and probes as it walks through destructions. As it walks, it’s able to harvest all the environment around him for metal, oil, etc that’s required for him to repair itself and spawn underlings.”

Reference images I gathered up.


Okay so concepting is really really tough for me. Reason why I’ll probably spending alot more time concepting. This isn’t much but it’s a start. =) Gotta think positive!!


Constant concepting… Slowly getting there!


The last one looks cool.


God I suck at drawing… :blush:
Slowly fleshing out the big details. :arteest:


i dont think you suck at drawing. thats for sure! i love the scale of this god and he feels pretty powerful! perfect for a war god. Goodluck the rest of the way!


Alright so the front view is almost there. I think im going to stop here and figure out the sides.
The gun on his right and the hands look ugly at the moment but I’m going to figure out all that separately later when I’m modeling. The knife-like shapes in the back are going to turn into his shield. Still a working concept.


wow, I’m really digging the style of your concepts, he looks very massive and war-like, I’ll keep my eye on this one :slight_smile:


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