Dominance War V - 3D - Willer00 - God of the Ancients


Final submission:


Here are some quick concept sketches


Here’s another sketch from the concept stage


The concept changed a little bit I wasnt to happy with some things.
So here’s the final concept, hope you like it

[font=Arial]The idea behind this god is that it’s a walking temple.
He has been called upon by the the temple priest who has awoken him with a ritual to assist the people in time of war.
Also they can use him as a battle station. I you look closely at the concept you will see people on there.
The ancient people can fight side by side with their god destroying everything in it’s path.

The main inspiration for the concept where the Mayan culture and the Trojan Horse story [/font]





Front and Side


those are some pretty intense pencil drawings, i like 'em!

I really like his scale, it reads well. An idea for his back is to maybe have it more broken up and imperfect to push the ancient feeling. near the back of the building by his shoulders you could make it look like a mountainside/cliff that could “gradiate” into the face. Basically have it more implied and less perfect looking. And perhaps add more entrances and exits scattered about, like a whole civilization could move throughout him not just the top half.

Keep going!


First wip on the face using Maya
First wip on the arm using mudbox


I really like that this doesn’t look like anyone elses’s. Very original approach. Can’t wait to see it done :slight_smile:


Little try out on the arm texture , see how it looks


wow, looking good! I love where this is going, this is a very cool character :slight_smile:


nice work!


working on the legs and torso. testing normal map and texture.


Really nice concept! Escpecially the feet the finished arm are looking great. Would be nice to see those feet as detailed as they are on the concept drawing (but maybe you don’t have the time for that as the deadline is approaching?). Maybe you could give your low res feet some more polygons and it would do the trick?


few updates
working on the backside of the model.

i’m gonna pull an allnighter now! hopefully get it done before the deadline.



sketch of my pedestal.
modeling like crazy atm!


render testing




wow cool dude
good to see you finished it! First picture looks almost like a still from a movie! very cool.
i really like the texture aswell