Dominance War V - 3D - Tony Virili - Goddess of Temptation



First, I’d like to wish everyone the best of luck, and I hope we all gain something from this experience.

Second, this is my first time entering a Dominance War Competition. Honestly, I wasn't aware of it until a couple of weeks ago.  I'm primarily a 2D artist, but I find ZBrush (and Sculptris - the free counterpart) very appealing.  I downloaded the ZBrush trial and have been going through tons of tutorials.  It's like cramming for a final exam.

I have a couple of concept sketches of the character (see below) and I've just started building the armature and basic shape with Z Spheres.

[b]Concept I:[/b]

[b]Concept II: [/b]
Boots are way too clunky in this one.



I should have included some information regarding the “Goddess of Temptation”.

Her greatest power comes from her allure and ability to persuade. She has the ability to creep into the minds of anyone within viewing distance and each person sees her in their own definition of the most ideal image. Men and women, creatures of all kinds, are equally attracted to the aura she exudes, and this ability to distract and lure enemies unknowingly to their fate is what gives her such extraordinary power.

In addition, I decided to design additional gear, since the figure alone is not that complex. I can’t cover her with too much armor or else the alluring qualities would be lost. I decided to go with a vehicle. Hope that counts as gear. Now off to sculpting…


Since it was my first time sculpting in ZBrush, there’ve been many videos to watch and documents to read. There was also a lot of trial and error. I’m hoping the rest moves along quicker. This is the initial sculpture of the body.


Hello there , i love the concept sketching, this goddess is hot!, Her powers will work on me without even trying…hahaha, About vehicle, i don’t thing its allowed as gear, but need to read rules further on, or ask in game artisans forums…good luck man !


@Jorge, thanks for the compliments, and the heads-up on the possibility of no vehicles being allowed. I’ll do a little more digging around.

Love your portfolio, man. Especially the diverse range of styles.

Good luck on this one. Looks phenomenal already.


I’m so behind due to the learning process. Initial clothing was modeled completely incorrectly. Still a ways to go :expressionless:


Here’s the partially complete cycle. Having a difficult time smoothing the fairings out, though. I’ve tried just about every brush (a combination of polish and smooth brushes seems to work best so far). And the clip brushes always give me unexpected results.

If anyone has any advice, it’s certainly welcome. THANKS


hey man looking cool :cool:…try the “h-polish” brush man that works amazing for me…


An update of both the bike and the goddess. Had some trouble getting materials to stick to the subtool for the body in ZBrush. Had to recreate a unified skin. Was going to do so anyway to clean things up.

Lots more to do. Need to try something different with the hair, paint some real detail, and fix some other accessories. So glad the deadline got extended a week.

Jorge: Thanks for the comments and the advice!


Trying to finish up. Need to combine everything and drop the polycount using decimation master. Then port it over to Photoshop. Still got build my pedestal and pose the figure on the bike.

Here’s a better render, as well as an example of using ZSpheres to create a base for the hair…


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