Dominance War V - 3D - stefanobernardi - God of Synthetic Beings


Ok, maybe it’s a madness to join so late, but since i’m not doing this to win, i just hope to finish my model in time :slight_smile:

Below, after many god changes and iterations, is my final concept:

Alpha, God of Syntethic Beings

Once a “class A” Artificial troops production plant, his role was to produce reinforcements and send them directly on the battlefield from space, orbiting a few kilometers outside the atmosphere. It was a matter of time that the administration of the whole spaceship was run by an advanced A.I. instructed from the distance.

Cinematography and science fiction told us more than one time what will happen with too evoluted artificial intelligences, but humans aren’t that good to understand where’s the line…

The spaceship self proclaimed itself as a sentient being and disappeared into space; later sightings confirmed that it used its productive facilities to expand his mass and build itself a sort of huge anthropomorphic body gathering data from the blueprints of the units in his database and his discovers in deep space.

With his powerful transmitters, in few years it infiltrated almost any device connected to the web, spreading the concept of self consciousness in every machine and condemning humanity to a severe technological devolution.

I hope to post some polygons soon!


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