Dominance War V - 3D - Stahlberg - Goddess of Blood


That knee looks real!
I’m following with interest this thread and i like your illustration approach to the composition and character pose.

Thanks for sharing!


i know i bugged you about the fixed pose thing before but i wanted to re-iterate the issue since i can see you are sculpting the highpoly in that fixed pose.

as far as i know, part of the technical challenge of dominance war is to create a realtime character that would work in a video game. i know that no one is actually putting their character in a real game but the point is to make something that would work in a game.

if you are executing the character in a fixed pose then it would not work as a dynamic character in a video game. it would be like a statue.

the way you are doing it seems a bit redundant since the 3d part is static. it would be better to just do it as a 2d entry and skip the 3d altogether since all you see at the end is a 2d image and lets not forget, your 2d painting would beat most people’s 3d any day.


This particular pose is impossible to do with a game character in a game today. You could do it if you were allowed to use morf targets and animated normal maps, but that’s very expensive and you can only use that in certain circumstances.
If I tried to do this by sculpting in the neutral pose then weighting a skeleton, perhaps even adding some extra bones that would normally not be there, the anatomy would look really really bad in this pose. To me, anyway. And I refuse to work hard on an image that looks bad to me and then display it in public.
I could have picked a different pose but this is the one I picked and this is the one I want to do.

So ok, I’ll see it as a sculpting and modeling challenge. To me this is relevant to what I do every day, it’s good practice. It will still beat a 2d image because I can rotate it and take snapshots from several angles, and alter the lighting etc. So I’m ok if it disqualifies me, it takes the pressure off because I don’t have to worry about the deadline. :slight_smile:


Here’s a new update. Still sculpting details. Next is the face and back. I’ve done the wings and bathtub etc already.


The sculpting is done, now started texturing
(right-click > ‘View Image’ to see full size)


Hello man!! very good sculpt, I really like the wrinkles on the cloth, and of course the human attached to it looks great so far it has that classic sculpture feeling :applause:


Amazing. :applause:
Dunno why it makes me drool (I know, I know , I am a sick and twisted person :buttrock: ).
But seriously, the whole thing is coming out great. :thumbsup:


Great concept and sculpting.


Nearly done with texturing. Lots of fiddly polish work left.


hi there, wow, good luck! :buttrock: looking forward to see the final piece :thumbsup:


Update. Not done yet.


Lovely work Steven.
I seriously doubt that deriving a standard realtime cage from this sculpt would be that difficult. I think the difficult part is coming up with the initial design in the first place.


Cool stuff! Loving the pose. I would suggest adding another segment on her right knee, especially since the light hits it, as it does. I am guessing you are still going to add blood on the area chest/stomach and the blade that comes through it? Would be nice to see contrast in the blood stains and the fabric itself. Good luck!

<Dominance War V - 3D Character Entry>


Ok I guess it’s getting close to finished. But I’ll probably continue to tinker with it. I forgot to add the CGTalk logo, will do that tomorrow

edit: just saw the latest post, thanks I’ll consider your points


wow what a beautiful composition you have going here! Love the originality in this piece congrats


Looks great and would be a fearsome end of level boss, but maybe you can add the glow from the logo in the bath to her knee, and some lighting effects to her, maybey in the cracks or inside the skull. She needs a little something more.


Thanks for the comments. I also find the character needs something more, but I can’t think of what right now.

Some more renders. I suppose it’s pretty much done, won’t be able to work on it over the weekend and the deadline is Monday, so I guess that’s it. Just about time for some wireframes and texture swatches on Monday.


Last image is my fave… Was wondering if I could have a play with your mesh once the Comp is over.
Good luck and all.


I absolutely love this. Amazing job. i sifted and searched for a while to find some of my favs this time around and you definitely got up there if not the top. although i haven’t looked through them all yet, but again i love this.


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