Dominance War V - 3D - Stahlberg - Goddess of Blood


I redid the wings. They are supposed to be slowly rotating pieces of iron ore with sharp edges, like gigantic scissors, I’ll try to add some more later.
I keep changing her because she just doesn’t look epic enough. I started this concept trying to make her look totally human, just like a weird insane character from some slasher horror movie. But the limitations of the rules made it impossible to make the concept scary enough, so it fell flat. Now the only way forward is to make her look more “god-like”, like what everybody else is going for.


are you doing a 2D entry or a 3D one ?
i been waiting to see your 3d progress…


I’m not going to go to 3D at all unless I feel something special for the project, right now it’s a bit “meh” for me, on the fence so to speak. If I can’t make this concept pop for me, I’ll just drop out. No big deal, I have no illusions or grand plans of winning or anything like that, just wanted to try this contest once. But having said that, I think that possibly I’ll start on the 3D next week.


Dont rush, im enjoying a lot your artwork here in concept, in the last image looks promissing to be an exellent work, those hard lines gives a lot of character to the goddess.

Good work, checking for more!


Ok hopefully this is my last 2D update, though I give no promises.


Ok here’s the 3D work started


Some more…


This is a really great concept. I like the design you decided on.

Good Luck!


Hey Steven, looking good. Sorry my comments are so late, you have prolly moved
ahead with your current concept, so my ramblings are irrelevent.
The things I liked were the head extensions, they gave her a regal quality,
and were very gothic, I think you could see if you can make them work.
The wings are working, though if they went down her back, and the metal
fused with the flesh, or grew out like scales to form the blades… (the giants causeway)
comes to mind. I think the wings could be more weaponlike, or more articulate.
The cracked nature could feature more all over to give it more texture, maybe in the facial features, or where the apron touches flesh.
Glad to see your entry, you show these young un’s how its done mate.


Thanks for the input, as you see I’ve added the head extension back in :slight_smile:


Positioning of low res, roughing out the lighting
Total about 8000 triangles
Now time for sculpting


For your last 2d update, I didn’t like the missing head spikes, it left the head missing a lot. Seemed rather boring.
The update before had great spikes going on!

Also I suggest you sneak the cg society logo onto the wing thing as a red symbol instead of on the bathtub.


i do miss the head spikes also…looking forward for updates!


are you going to execute this in that fixed pose ?
looks like you are approaching this as an illustration rather than a functioning realtime game character.


She’s just posed for final render, she still has her bind pose. I could paint the normal sculpt first in the bind pose, then go back and adjust the sculpt for her final pose. Or I could skip a step and start sculpting directly in the final pose. That would make it more likely I can finish on time. It’s not like this will ever be a real game character. But if it’s against the rules to sculpt in the final rendering pose without first sculpting in the bind pose then I’ll start off by sculpting in the bind pose first.


My oppinion also.


My opinion of his opinion of my opinion … also :slight_smile:
I think the elements are there, we just need to see more of them.
More fragmentation of the Blades, like iron filings on magnets, more spikes from the skull,
like maybe arteries and veins, or fractured skull, definatly more cracks, to give her that freaky
broken doll’s face feeling. And definatly some mudbox or zbrush love.
I would pay to see you sculpt some awesomness on this. Truely.


Sounds good, thanks. The sculpting is going really slowly, but I will have a screenshot update later today.


Here’s the screenshot. Sorry it’s taking so long but I’m going really detailed… I also have problems with Zbrush, being new to it. I would prefer to use Mudbox but there are a couple brushes I just like the feeling slightly better in Zbrush and after all using a favorite brush is what 99% of modeling is all about. :slight_smile:


Looking real nice so far