Dominance War V - 3D - Stahlberg - Goddess of Blood


Awesome! I like how she lost her mind and now a good part of her head is missing. It looks like someone took a big bite. Great concept!
I’d love to see her in one of those horror fest movies.


Thanks! I put the logo as a tattoo on the victim. Also a few other changes. I don’t feel the need to rush into modeling, I want to get this right first. I think I’m almost there… maybe…


That is so good. I cant wait to see it in 3d! Well done.


yes, this version I like much more :thumbsup: and again about rules, rules about pedestal :
“No additional characters, pets, animals, pieces of characters, dead characters, etc, can be put on your pedestal. Bones and skulls are fine.” unfortunately:banghead:


Ok then, again with the 2 versions, one for me like this, and one for DW where a skull floats in the bathtub (and nothing else). :slight_smile:

Thanks for letting me know, I should read the rules more closely.

Who thinks her apron should be made from human skin? And who likes the plain green material? :slight_smile:



ooo Human skin of course!


This is going to be so cool!!


ok testing human skin, and removed the “parts of another character”.
also putting a glowing glyph in the blood to add a more interesting light source


This looks pretty dark :slight_smile: no one would want to mess with this god :twisted:


hey man lovin the concept! nice touch on the glyph.


Really amazing concept, hope t see more update.


A bigger version, with some minor changes


hey master!this is getting better and better …looking forward for new updates!!:bowdown:


ohh dear god, that’s incredible, cant wait to see it bro


I really like this concept, it’s true that she doesn’t look very massive/godlike, but I think that’s not always needed. Sometimes it’s just the pose and expression that makes a character feel mighty without the need to make him very big with fancy stuff around his body.


Thanks! Here again some minor changes. One side of the bathtub now slopes, she is hovering, wing is bigger, arm is higher, background is touched up, apron hangs differently catching more light, last boot is gone, spike on arm added, etc


looking great sir, I´m thinking something could be added on her leg, spike-wise, not sure, it may take away that woman like silhuete and become more like a monster.


yeah the glowing glyph gives it something special - good change!
like the cutted design of her but her apron - if she would be a butcher , ok, but she is a goddess :slight_smile: a better solution for her costume would pay off.


I love the concept and the glyph really does work better than the leg sticking out.

Could I recommend one thing? Her forearm is cut in the middle completely off, could I suggest maybe having her bone show through instead of having her lower forearm/hand just floating? Just makes me wonder why that arm is cut and the rest of her appendages are intact

Maybe just something to think about. Other than that this is a great concept keep going!:beer:


Good points all, I’ve tried to address them at least partially. Here’s another version.

The apron is supposed to be made of human skin, it’s hard to tell so I tried to make some more human parts hanging off it, like a hand, and a couple faces in there…