Dominance War V - 3D - Stahlberg - Goddess of Blood


    a goddess that likes causing pain.  
      She wouldn't be so bad except she went insane 351,000 years ago when her husband the god of love left her, and accidentally took a nice chunk of her mind with him.  Now the council of gods try to control her, so she doesn't destroy the universe, but sometimes she manages to sneak a few humans into her lab.


Heey! stahlberg is partecipating to dominance war v! looking forward to see some nice art from you sir! great sketch!


i 'm on Stahlbergs team.
excited to follow your progress.


Wow! Definitely will be follow this post Mr Stahlberg! =)


glad to see you enjoy to join the Domination war. Maybe we get a tip from a legend.


Stahlberg is here! This thread could be very interesting :slight_smile:

Btw, it looks like she got an itch or something…


very good concept


Wow, it’s so good to see that you’ve joined Dominance War V.


Hi Sir Stahlberg!Nice to see you entering the contest.I will definitely follow your thread.


Refined the sketch a little.


Refined some more.


lol you and your crazy women!! I like the concept so far! One thing though, for me it doesn’t have enough “goddess” elements to her. To me she looks more like a angel of blood instead of a goddess. Just my 2 cents :buttrock:


Yes, I know, I’m working on it. :slight_smile:
Here’s an update. Those are supposed to be fingers around her neck.


I’ll vote for you if you make those meat wings.


dude, maybe it’s too much? i mean so many blood and meat, you remember the rules -
“Keep gore and nudity to a decent level please! Don’t get DW banned in various countries!”


Haha, forgot about that part. Well I can always do 2 versions, one for me and one for DW. I’ve had to do that before


cool man, i think this is pretty unique feeling. i think this gothic/horror more realistic approach could be really awesome. I really dig the hand floating. maybe incorporate more stuff like that? im not sure. but there may be more places in the design to add pazazz.

nice start man


I Love it :slight_smile: good concept…
my dominance War V page


Some more changes. A little less gore, a little more god stuff.


Hey Steven,

Nice to see you throwing down this year! How are you going to incorporate the logo? The already sort of look like the border of the logo.