Dominance War V - 3D - seaberg - Goddess of Light


My first and last Dominance War (if I have understand things correctly). I have worked with a couple of concepts from the start and have had a hard time making a final decision. But now I have made up my mind and will make the ultimate Godess of Light. Her rays will cleanse the corrupt and devistated world and make way for a new era.

I will post my concept sketches tomorrow. Promise.

May the best God or Goddess win.


Sounds cool, Seaberg. Looking forward to seeing your god progress. If you need help narrowing any ideas down, I’d be happy to help out, too. Good luck and have fun! :slight_smile:


Pixel-chick: Thanks I will consider it.

My sketch so far… I will try to begin the modelling tomorrow. NEW CONCEPT 04-10-2011:


Time for a update. I have begun modelling my godess but am still unsure about my concept… I need to work some more and see in what direction I will take.


Not much dedication to DW this week. I have reworked my concept and is more pleased about her looks now. Her body is taking form and next task will be hair and clothes. Some Zbrush screens:


Nice, very cool sculpts! I like her head, the nose is such a tough area to sculpt correctly and it looks great. I would have to say though that the shin area looks a bit narrow, perhaps because her feet are a bit too small, I’d say play around with widening that area a bit more. :slight_smile:


Here is my progress so far. The next step is retropoly of the body, uv mapping and then texturing… Weapons and backpack/wings will have to wait since the deadline is approaching and I want a to have a finished model till then.


I have made some Darth Vader frisbees :)… But I will soon begin my work in Photoshop and give my goddess some color. Got some normal mapping left to do first.


Seaberg, great job on the details and great concept.

I also used ZBrush to sculpt my model and I’m new to it (and to painting 3D objects). I see you mentioned that you will paint your character in Photoshop. Do you recommend that over painting it in ZBrush? I have CS5 extended and am right at home in that apparently. I paint a lot of 2D work. I’d rather go that route if I can accomplish as much. Would love to know your thoughts. Thanks.


Thanks Tony!

I usally do my texturing in Photoshop as it offers more control than Zbrush polypainting features. Only time I have used Zbrush is for solely organic creatures, without clothes or other assets.

Btw. Nice that they extended the deadline.


Playing around in Marmoset Engine while I work in Photoshop. Still so much to do and doubt that I will make it till the deadline. But I will continue as promised :thumbsup:


Finally I am done… Here is the result:


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