Dominance War V - 3D - RISKBREAKER - Berserker God


another small update on sculpt. aiming to have a retopo mesh by next week

image host


refined some details a bit more and sculpted the face


some more tweaks :
The version of the head on the right isnt final, its just a test to see what some textures would look like (i used the standard materials from 3d coat).

And while in between looking away from the main character, i’ve been dabbling in his weapons rack:


another tiny sculpt update - c&c welcome on progress so far:


Ok so i think i’ve finished the sculpt.

Shouler pelt-cape, arm chain excess, and pelvis pelt to be modelled in maya.

As usual, C&C’s are welcome.


Just an update - just finishing off retopo and UV
Any C&C’s are welcome:


fully retopo’d and testing textures in toolbag


Textures almost done! crunch time! - simple skinned and posed for now and tested in toolbag with some…not to so well result (as far as animations go)


OK Folks, heres the version Im submitting to my class (since they tried to time the sumission date close to the DW5 submission date). For the official DW5 submission i still have to finish the weapons rack thats shaped like the CGS logo. Theres some skinning problems here and there (since i suck majorly at rigging and skinning) that i’ll fix when i can.

So here it is in 720p:


OK So heres my final entry:


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