Dominance War V - 3D - RISKBREAKER - Berserker God


[font=Arial]Hi folks!
Its been waaaay to long for me since i’ve been here.First dominance war for me too :slight_smile:

     My idea would be of a Berserker God. Here is one concept - i'll be making more silhouettes when i get the time.
    edit: See post somewhere below for final concept description. [Direct link to image](
   EDIT2: [See here for latest update](
EDIT3: [See here for sculpt turntable](

EDIT 4 : Latest with explanation
VIDEO in 720P




Good luck digital warrior, I look forward to seeing how this one will turn out.


Nice start! But I must ask…the name…is that a reference to Vagrant Story? XD


Thanks guys

Yeh taken straight from Vagrant Story :slight_smile: when i registered here, agent_riot and other deviations where taken, so i went with Riskbreaker, accidentally had caps on too. Big fan of the game.

Heres another idea/concept. This time, i was messing around with Alchemy to see what i can come up with. Takes a little getting used to for me. Colors in these concepts are necessarily what im gonna use, just to show different elements of the concept.


Looking good dude!
Digging the first concept :buttrock:


Thanks grug! Just throwing up as many concepts i can and shortest amount of time and lookin at combining all the best parts into one God design.

Heres another - this time closer to a norse-sort of being.


Awesome XD

Liking the new sketches, keep em coming!


Hello Reaskybreak! In my personal opinion i like more the first one concept, its really agree to this challenge.

I like to much. But any concept you decide good luck!


I love the beserker god idea. I like your first sketch and the norse god-ish type sketch too. Maybe merge the two somehow? Haha :slight_smile:


Thanks cat :3
Yeh that was the plan. I’ve got a bunch of other sketches i’ve worked on lately but i thought i’d post up the final sketch with all the ideas combined rather than post every miniscule update. Final concept soon to follow!


Reaskybreak, I like concept too much. Please making change for it’s too accept for size of project. Caravan chicken and good day sir.


I LIKE IT ALL. :beer:


Hello Reaskybreak!

Yea i´ll be tuned to check your final concept!

Bye the wy here is my last update of my model:


yaaa…first concept lokking good ,I think u work on first concept …
cheers… :beer:

My Dominance War V Entry


OK so here’s the final concept. Dunno about the scheme. Feet are a bit of a problem for me, might just leave it a cross between a human feet and lion feet. Maybe scale boots shaped like lion feet? hmmm.

Also the bone/rock/raw metal spikes is present only in one shoulder. Trying to portray a rawness in a berserker. Trying to design his armor/rock plates as if they are parts of his body.

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Just cheking the advance of the design, i think you end in a good decision, when i read berserker i immediately go for the rage.

Rage involves soma kind of rush, and plates sound for me like slow motion, so… try to avoid high plate density, just an idea.

Over the feet issue, i believe normal feets complete the idea of a human shape god, he looks good enough in that way, and of course, complementing the design with maybe those dual welding weapons that you show us in an previous concept.

Keet it up.


SAweeet, looking good bro


aglot89: thanks man.

VictorFornes: Thanks. I do have weapons planned for him including a dual wielded axes. the weapons rack will be in a circular formation of blades, in the shape of the CGS logo with the middle 3 white dragon-like logo as a spell-effect of sorts. The Weapons rack will be floating behind him like a halo.


Started sculpting in 3d coat while im concepting the weapons rack (CGS logo). still rough.

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Minor update in 3d coat. havent had much time :frowning:

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