Dominance War V - 3D - pixel-chick - Cardinal Echelon, the narrator


Idea original, but slowly only. 16 Soon


Phew, yeah, it’d be awesome if they extend the deadline! :stuck_out_tongue: But regardless, I’m counting on working into the wee hours of the morning on this guy to try to get him finished :).


You know that DW has a “loose deadline”? You can upload your entry even until May 23rd, but of course the longer you wait the less votes you’ll get :wink: .

[Edit] Ah, your prayers were heard, deadline was extended by 7 days : ))!


What kind of votes?


“Public voting begins midnight May 23th - Eastern Time. Artists may hand in submissions many days later, but the more late you are, the less voters will see and vote for your entry. Remember, each unique voter is only able to vote once per team per category. If you loose all the intense and curious initial voters in the first two days, it’s almost impossible to place in the final standings. Finish early or on time, or else…”


Sweet! That’s music to my ears, hehe :slight_smile:


Hey looks cool, very interesting character.


What’s up, pixel-chick? I hope you didn’t get weak in your knees :wink: ?

4 days left and your entry really has potential if you can come off with a nice texturing! I’m excited to see Cardinal Echelons mighty presence in between all those stars and cosmic fogs.


i love that!

it’s so cool~!

My DWV ←/+enter+/

Good luck~!


hi Mokhron! :slight_smile:

Hey! you finished your character, that’s awesome!! Great texturing, I’ve also never seen a base like that before with the water flowing down like that, pretty creative. Are you a character artist?

Regarding my character, I probably won’t be able to make it in time, maybe after Monday if I begin to understand the texture process for characters (ugh, so different from environment work, heh) :frowning: I am trying to do it in zbrush and bring it into max, but my head is spinning, hehe.

I have never made a character before and I’m stumped with how to generate out the texture maps from zbrush. I finished the low poly model after alot of computer crashing and miscellaneous setbacks, but now I can’t wrap my head around the UV unwrap thing in zbrush, hehe. Still trying though, thanks so much for your encouragement, it keeps me going :slight_smile:

I’m thinking that maybe tomorrow I’ll stop by where I used to work and ask my friends who do character modeling what the next step is, cuz I’m just not finding any really helpful tutorials and have been looking through a bunch of them. I’m stumped and know this shouldn’t be so hard but somehow I’m making it confusing Grats on your character though! It came out really well :slight_smile:


thanks Bluwolf and Tianxinyu! :slight_smile: Maybe I can submit it into a ‘not quite finished Dom War’ competition, hehe


Hey pixel-chick,

thank you for your kind words. I’m not at all a character artist yet, it was only the second time I created a character.

you’re right, the next step for you is unwrapping, and it can be done very quickly, especially in ZBrush. If you use ZBrushs UV-Master then unwrapping is a question of minutes and a few button-clicks. I also can recommend Unfold3D which is also very fast & easy, but allows you to place the UV-seams by hand. Afterwards you only have to pack the UVs of all your objects onto one big UV-map. If you use 3ds-max then this can be easily done by selecting all your objects at once and applying a “Unwrap UVW”-modifier on them. Then you can arrange the parts and render out a bitmap with your UVs on it. Finally you only have to paint your textures onto that bitmap and apply it as a material to your character. Unwrapping and texturing took me one single day, it’s really not that complicated. You can do it, too! And remember, DW has a “loose deadline”, so you can still upload your entry several days later. I would do it if I were you. Your entry would then be archived on the DW-website and you can always tell people that you were a part of DW-V.

You’re welcome to ask me if you still have questions regarding the unwrapping/texturing workflow :slight_smile: .


Woot! Now I’m well on my way again, rounding the bend, hehe. I won’t be able to submit by tonight, but hopefully tomorrow at the latest. Even if he is done in three days or at the very end, I’ll be happy that I at least finished :slight_smile:

I am unwrapping him as we speak, thanks so much to Eric Barrios and Ben Eoff, my character buddies over at Volition Inc. who explained their workflow to me :slight_smile: What I did was split up my mesh into elements, unwrapped the pieces using pelt mapping in 3ds Max, and then weld it all back together, it’s something that I can actually wrap my head around (no pun intended, har har) :slight_smile:

Thank you so much, Mokhron, for detailing how you went about doing your mapping. When the competition is over and the dust settles, I would like to try that route as well. I think I was confusing a bunch of different methods and was stressing out because of it, so many different ways to go about it :stuck_out_tongue: It’s good to know that it shouldn’t take too long. :slight_smile:


Better late than never, I’m determined to finish my first character! :slight_smile: I’ve learned so much and am sure the second time around will be waaaaaay easier for me. I have a few more things to work on in the texture yet and will probably use a different background, but almost done (close enough, anyway :)!


more glow I think with a darker background:


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