Dominance War V - 3D - PatrickLim - Goddess of Red Sea


still relatively new to 3d with little experience but gona give DWV a try to gain some experience.
pls give me your critique on the design. =)

  Background infor:
  Felicia, Goddess of the Red Sea; 
  According to legends, fishermen and sailors pray to the goddess of the northern sea for good weather and smooth sailing. The goddess is known to be peace-loving and loves the creatures of the oceans and some even saw the goddess smiling at them when they look into the sea while out in the oceans. But over the years, the human evolution has cause great destruction to the ocean and its creatures ,causing great unhappiness for the goddess. 
  It is said that overnight the sea became red and fishermen and sailors who sailed pass the red sea will experience extremely foul weathers and some even capsized and devoured by the sea.
Rough Description: Trident shaped headdress. Jellyfish bottom and seaweed wrapped around the arm

Latest update: Submitted ! !

 back view:

 Weapon : 

Pedestal :

starting texturing next!


hihi had changed my concept again as i feel tat the jellyfish nature doesnt stand out.

Concept 1:

Concept 2:


what i have done so far. still doesnt find it satisfactory though …


changed the concept again. discardin the hind legs.


wah patrick, not bad! but i think you should keep the tail and add fins to it, and maybe add long nice hair to keep a balance between god and creature. must subscribe to this thread


Haha thanks for the critique :slight_smile: yea the character will have long hair. The tail I have taken out but will have 2 fin tails coming out of her lower back. Hope it looks GD :slight_smile: thanks


hi i think her head can be shift forward abit otherwise it makes her neck look stiff/long, and waist/crotch can be abit thicker, overall she looks quite cool and creepy i like. imo i still prefer the first design but this one is not bad too! good luck


I just noticed that the pelvis area is abit short too, hip area can emphasis on the curve more, theres a sharp edge coming down from the torso now. Hope it helps :slight_smile:


There’s a PMS joke in here somewhere…

I love the design, sorta reminds me of something out of HP Lovecraft

The bottom half at least. I’d love to see her animated or and fighting like pirates or something


@ Kirmu , jeryl . hi thanks for the critique, will keep it in mind as i tried to shape the anatomy more.

@Rivyn haha thanks. i will animate it if i hav the time =)


managed to do a little bit b4 i knocked out. i am seriously way behind schedule… need to drink more coffees and ran these down !


oo the head looks much better now with the headgear! for the hair i could suggest instead of sculpting it out u could try using planes to block it first… its up to u thou add oil!


Maybe can push the lower set of arms backwards a bit, around 30 deg facing back


@jeryl still deciding whether to use mesh or planes for the hair… haha

@Kirmu, didnt really undestand wat u mean haha. u meant for posing?


did some detailing with whatever free time i had . i know tat most likely i wont complete it in time but will try to complete it as a learning process.

will spent more time on the lower body nxt and fixing the lower arm


hey your concept jellyfish leg ! that’s cool if you able to do, your god look awesome !


Yeah, cool sculpting I like those see-like decorations are pretty fancy. Good job on that. The only thing that might be improved is the “chain-belt”. I mean there is everywhere fine decoration on her body and for the belt she wears a simple, heavy chain? I think that doesn’t fit her character. But besides that, she’s pretty cool.


@harlequin02 hi thanks. i will do the jellyfish when i doesnt hav a polygon restriction i guess haha. i am scared i will overrun it jus making the legs i think haha.

@kogen hi thanks. i was suppose to add skulls on the chains, hope it looks gd. added it in the latest update haha.

latest update: did a simple test render in zbrush… still nooblish on the BPR settings…

base mesh for the weapon…


Latest update:
front view :

 back view:

 Weapon : 

Pedestal :

starting texturing next!


looking great! btw u havent retopo right? otherwise how would u start texturing haha