Dominance War V - 3D - mokhron - God of Conquest


Come on, fellow team-mates. I don’t work to win this challenge, but I do to learn something. Right now I don’t know where I am standing at all, nor do I know what things I could have done better and still can do better. If you read this then please give me some feedback and if it’s only your honest opinion in one sentence.

       Here comes the mood board:
                  I'm going for a mix of a lot of styles I adore, such as "Medieval Japan", "Renaissance Venice", "Baroque", "Imperial Germany", "Medieval Joker" etc ... Dominance War is all about having fun and trying out new things, right :D ?
                  Well, I'm pretty late, that means there's not much time left for scribbling. I think I just show you what I came up with yet and then start modeling right away. May the god of creativity (who is doing him?) inspire me along the way!
                  (But of course I'm also very open to any suggestions and criticisms)
                  [img][/img]        [img][/img]
              And my preliminary concept! In the final image he'll conquer something of course :rolleyes: .


Okay, the basic “low poly modeling” is done.


Scaled the torso and added the cape in order to make him look a bit more impressive.


Just did some basic sculpting. Now I really have to think about items & details.

Hm, I think I’m going for a sabre, and maybe a little bag, and some bottles … what about a dagger?! Ah, and of course some medals, after all he’s the god of conquest. Although I’m afraid medals could interfere with the flower.




very cool details on your character, i would just suggest that you adjust the hips and chest of your character (front to back) more so he doesn’t look so straight up and down, it would make the pose look more relaxed and natural, like take a look at a side view of a skeleton and you’ll see what i mean with the ‘S’ shape that the spine forms :slight_smile:


Thanks, I would never have thought of that for myself. You have an eye for anatomy, right :wink: ?

So I’ve put his hips a little back, does this do the trick?


I just finished sculpting the basic character and if you guys still have no suggestons for me, I’ll start the retopo by tomorrow morning. Swatches and Patterns will be added later in an extra “normal map” sculpting session.

The only thing bothering me all the time is whether or not my God of Conquest looks 'Donald Duck’ish :rolleyes: . I’d really like to hear some opinions on that!


Just finished the retopo. Hell, that was like a war for me. I estimated one day for retopologizing and it took me almost a week. Still there are too many triangles, so I’m going to need to remove some edge loops here and there and especially in rather hidden areas.

Did not think that the whole thing was gonna be that much work! I’m starting to feel really thankful for the deadline extension now.


The basic texturing is done now :slight_smile: .

Unfortunately I have to cope with a lot of weird normal seams now. I wonder where they come from. Maybe somebody knows whether there is a way to flip a color channel of a normal-map without reculculating the geometry? Anyway, I'm not even sure whether that could solve the problem.

Now I'm thinking about whether or not the guy could use some decorational patterns on his armour. As soon as I feel I'm done with the textures I go on and start rigging.

Ah, the staff with the golden eagle on top of it is going to be is huge CGS flag that he'll carry over land, sea and air, until everything is conquered in the name of creativity and fine design :D . 




Finished posing and the pedestal so far, nethertheless I feel really stuck right now. This is the point where I really could use some feedback and criticism, especially since I still have some days left to improve my entry.

Well, I guess I shouldn’t have gone for such an ordinary, human anatomy which kind of interferes with the intended godliness. Second, the torso is a bit too long. Third, the beak makes the character kind of cartoonish. What else??


he’s looking cool man, i really like your render.


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