Dominance War V-3D- Metatron001 - The god of matter;Guardian of the Monolith




Here is my entry. The god of matter, guardian of the monolith.

and some variations…

Mesh and staff designs to come soon. Thanks for looking! C&C are welcome!


Yes, good to see you are entering DW! I likes the variations and the floating particles… maybe also try some leg and tail variations as well. keep it real :slight_smile:


Yo yo! I really like that design. Especially if you can nail those flames at the top of his head. That will be badass.

I like the top heavy silhouette you are going with. And it balances well with the double tail.

That second pose with the monolith would make for a pretty striking illustration.


Very nice. Not overdesigned and sends the message. I hope you’re going to finish it. :applause:


Hey bud looking good! Just dropping by to say, LET’S SEE SOME SCULPTING already! I agree with Velkin, simple and strong and gets the point across nicely. I really hope you finish too!


Here’s my progress so far. I’m starting to move away from my initial design a bit, but i think the overall feel is still there.

Tim- Thanks man! I changed the tail up a bit…still not sure if I’m going to go with the hair at the ends or not. I’m staying flexible…I’m not feeling the feet anymore so I’m going to try a different direction going forward.
Beneto- Thanks bud! Yea the flames are beginning to scare me, but I gotta go for the gusto!
Velkin-Thanks! Trying to keep it simple with the short deadline. I hope I finish too!
Kev-lol HERE YOU GO!!! I promise I will post more often :slight_smile: Blasting “Tanta Pena” by Juno Reactor

Time to get my grind on…thanks for looking!


Hey Ian,

Really nice sculpt man. Don’t know if you remember me but you used to look over my work I would send you over email. Really happy to see you here. Love your progress. Stay up and cant wait to see you finish this piece! Pz



Nice update!

I like these patterns on his chest and stomach. Nice touch with the pattern on sartorius too.

I am looking forward to see the hair masses in :thumbsup:


"I promise I will post more often :slight_smile: " LIES! let’s see this thing I’m eager to see the progress bud.


Arokz- Thanks man! Yes I do remember you. Glad to see you entered the competition.
Beneto=Thanks dude! I will be getting the fire blocked in there shortly.
Kev- Patience…is a virtue. :wink:

Here is my progress on the sculpt. Thanks for looking!


Nice! This guy’s really coming along. I like his head design and double tail.


Thanks Pixel-Chick!

A smallish update:


looking sick! can’t wait to see 'em posed!:bounce:


All I can say is, “Thank ‘the gods’ for that extension!” :wink:
Here’s an update, I was going to wait until I had my normals baked before posting again, but I figured I should show my progress now.
I spent all last week working on my game res…took a little longer than I was hoping, but I am happy with the result. It should deform nicely when it is rigged and weighted.
I will update soon with the normals as soon as I have them.

updated sculpt


Great work with the high-res sculpt! I love those overlapping plate patterns

Topology on the game mesh is pretty sweet too. Forms are going to hold well when you pose him.


Here’s an update with the normals baked onto the Low poly.
Shots taken in marmoset toolbag.


Dude that’s a terrific sculpt you got there. Bakes look like they turned out good too…Yeah, your god looks godly for sure! Legs are just killer:)I’m also really diggin the head , in silhouette it kinda reminds me of Akuma in a good way. Nice touch with the stretched Austin Powers cat skin over the neck area, very nice yeash. Looking forward to your next update.


good job!

god-of-shield ←+enter+


Your sculpt is translating nicely to the lowpoly.

I really like the design and treatment of the spine area flowing down into the appendages.


Beneto- Thanks man! Yea I’m hoping I have time to rig him this weekend…we shall see.
Kevo-Thanks man! glad ya like 'im!
tianxinyu- Thanks!
Nethermind- Thanks dude!

This is a very WIP Diffuse. Especially the fire. :wink:

and also some staff concepts I did the other day. hopefully going to build the high res tomorrow. low res is already built…sorry i forgot to number them, but i’m going with the fourth from the left.

Still a long way to go. It’ll be a big push this weekend. Good luck everyone!! Go CG!